Mission Position and Function

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The vision of the Centre, in line with the visions and missions of UM, is to provide assistance to staff and students in transforming their innovative ideas into reality. The Centre will provide a supportive platform for innovation and entrepreneurship so that members of UM can, with the support of the Centre, establish their businesses and collaborate with the local communities and government in order to bring progress and development to UM and the Macao society, which in turn will enable Macao to become an innovative society. It is the mission of the Centre to foster an innovative and progressive environment for research, promoting industrial development as well as forming novel personnel training mechanism. In addition, the Centre will be utilised to facilitate the transfer and commercialisation of UM’s technological achievements,allowing UM to make greater contributions to knowledge creation and technological innovations.

Positioning and functions

  • The Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship is positioned as an entrepreneurial education provider that serves as a ‘runway’ for entrepreneurship to take off in the early days of incubation without the involvement of financial investment or the operation of stock equity. The Centre will assist UM in technology transfer of intellectual property. Although technology transfer is not the major development objective for the Centre, it serves as a positive complement to the related tasks at UM.

  • The Centre will invite experts from academic units to join in the Centre’s consulting team for entrepreneurship, which will provide potential entrepreneurs with well-rounded consulting services on entrepreneurship, for example, team management, marketing, finance management, financing, going-concern, laws, intellectual property, industrial cooperation and the like. The Centre will draw on the human resources of UM to offer courses on entrepreneurship in order to popularize basic knowledge of how to start a business, enabling staff and students not only the acquisition of skills but also an uplifted outlook and spirit on entrepreneurship.

  • The Centre will also invite entrepreneurs outside UM and government officers to give experience-sharing seminars and to give briefings on the policies of Macao SAR in support of entrepreneurship. The Centre will also negotiate with enterprises to arrange internships, hold innovation competitions, actively disseminate information to the public, hold regular exhibitions, establish a platform for innovation exchanges, and promote the start-up teams to the public in order to facilitate the teams in determining their market position and development directions.

  • In support of Macao SAR Government’s policies that assist young entrepreneurs, the Centre will launch theme-based research grants to support novel market-driven research.

  • The enrolled students and alumni of UM will be eligible to apply for admittance to the Centre for business start-up incubation. The Centre will stipulate guidelines and form a committee to examine the candidature of start-up teams, their qualifications and their start-up proposals. Through review and assessment, qualified teams will be admitted to the Centre. The Centre will give advice and regular coaching to the start-up teams, with the aim that the teams will make strides for the innovation projects within one year. The start-up teams will regularly report their progress to the Centre. They will be able to use the facilities of the Centre and enjoy the guidance and consultation services provided by the Centre. Through review and assessment, UM may provide a start-up funding to the excellent teams, assisting them to bring the innovation project from the Centre to the market.