External Activity: 2019 International Creatineer Competition

Back for the 5th year, China’s leading robotics competition, CREATINEER is now OPEN for application!

Powered by University of Macau and SIASUN Robot & Automation Company Limited, a leading robotics listed company with the largest robot industrial base in China, we have Cash plus Tencent Cloud Credits awaiting for the winner. Do you have what it takes to win?

We invite startups, innovators, entrepreneurs and even students to showcase their projects and bring to the stage the transforming relationship with technology.

Submit your startup deck today for your chance to be one of the Top 9 teams and win:

Grand Prize for the Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan region*

  • Participate in the Final Competition and Award Ceremony in Hong Kong Science Park (Sep 24)
  • Coaching from PwC financial counselor
  • Green channel to CYZONE’s acceleration camp (創業邦加速營綠色通道)
  • RMB10,000 of Tencent Cloud Credits
  • Media coverageGrand Prize for the Greater China Track*
  • RMB200,000 Cash
  • RMB100,000 of Tencent Cloud CreditsDo you have what it takes to win the International Creatineer Competition? Participate today by submitting a 10-slide PDF deck!

See details

(Please embed the weblink: https://www.agorize.com/en/challenges/international-creatineer- competition/pages/greater-china-track?lang=en )

*Offer details are subject to change without prior notice

*Please send email to Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (ICI.innovation@um.edu.mo) after application.

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