Message from the Head

Message from the Head2023-08-15T23:53:01+08:00

Welcome to the Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship!

Innovation makes society better while startup companies can turn personal dreams and social ideals into reality. We aim to spark innovation and entrepreneurship within our university by providing resources and professional support from all sectors of the community. This will help entrepreneurs to succeed.

Our value:

  1. Openness and cooperation. We encourage diverse exchanges, collaborative innovation, and promote integration between different industries.
  2. Pursuit of excellence. We admire the innovative spirit and the determination to go beyond conventions and strive to break down barriers.
  3. Social responsibility. We value sustainable development and address the needs of Macau’s development as well as economic diversification.

University plays an important role in the stimulation of science and technology development. We encourage translation of scientific research into new products, technologies or services contributing to our society. We also nurture talents with skills and potential to promote advanced science and technology development not only in Macau but also the Greater Bay Area and our country.

Our mission is to develop an innovative atmosphere, support start-up projects and assist entrepreneurs in achieving success. To meet this goal, we will offer comprehensive services to students, staff, and alumni of the University of Macau to help them transform their creative ideas into entrepreneurial projects. Additionally, we will encourage the connection between people, technology, and industry.

We will create an environment for transforming scientific and technological progress and promoting innovation and entrepreneurship. We will also establish a training mechanism for creative talents to boost the growth of Macao’s industries and create opportunities for young people in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Bay Area to pursue their careers. Our ultimate objective is to achieve the goal of planning for the youth, planning for Macau, and contributing to the development of the Greater Bay Area.

Here, we will function as a pre-incubation platform to aid our students and faculty members in realizing their aspirations to become entrepreneurs. Here, we are eager to offer assistance and guidance on entrepreneurship and innovation, through services such as consulting and professional advice to you.

Prof. Elaine Lai Han LEUNG
Head of Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Prof. Elaine Lai Han LEUNG

Head of Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship