Teams that are recommended by the Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship of the University of Macau to participate in external entrepreneurial competitions or activities must clearly and actively make known to all parties and acknowledge such facts related to the status of the team as “the team is from the University of Macau”, “the team members are professors, staff, students or alumni of the University of Macau” and “the ownership of intellectual property”.

The team must send the relevant PPT to in advance, with the title “XXX competition (date)-XX team PPT”.

【創業分享】彙聚灣區英才 共創美好未來——粵港澳青年創新創業分享會正接受報名(2024/04/24 14:30; N1-1004)Chinese Only

19 Apr 2024|

【賽事報名】2024年“青年金融創科培訓計劃”比賽現正開始報名(截止日期:2024年2月29日) Chinese Only

5 Mar 2024|

“澳青敢闖 灣區來創” 深圳北站港澳青年創新創業中心政策宣講及港澳青年創業稅務資訊講座(2024年3月1日;N1-1005) Chinese Only

27 Feb 2024|

【賽事報名】第四屆「海聚英才」全球創新創業競賽開啟線上全球招募(截止日期:2024年2月29日) Chinese Only

24 Jan 2024|

【賽事報名】廣東 “眾創盃”創新創業大賽科技海歸領航賽現正接受報名(截止日期:2023年10月25日) Chinese Only

24 Oct 2023|

【活動報名】“創業專題講解會 – 個人資料保護法” 熱烈報名ing(截止時間:2022年11月25日,中午12:30)(CHINESE ONLY)

23 Nov 2022|

“澳青敢闖 灣區來創” 深圳北站港澳青年創新創業中心政策宣講講座 暨港澳青年創新創業聯盟站點合作設立儀式(Only available in Chinese)

11 Nov 2021|

[External Activity] Cyberport Greater Bay Area Young Entrepreneurship Programme (Cyberport GBA YEP) Information Session (4:00pm – 5:45pm, 15 Nov 2021)

11 Nov 2021|

[External activity]2020珠海(國家)高新區‘菁牛匯’創新創業大賽(高校組) (Application deadline:2020/10/24)(only available in Chinese)

28 Sep 2020|