Consultants, Incubation Team Selection Committee Members and Mentors

Consultants, Incubation Team Selection Committee Members and Mentors2022-09-28T10:32:39+08:00

Consultants for Incubation Teams

Mr. Kenghei VONG (Joaquim)

Legal Consultant

Senior Partner and Lawyer, Vong Hinfai Lawyers & Private Notary

Mr. Joaquim VONG has been teaching Administrative Law and Civil Procedural Law at the University of Macau for more than 8 years. At present, he is also the Vice-Chairman of the Management Committee of a three-region Joint Venture Law Firm in Mainland China, and the President of the Macau Legal Exchange and Promotion Association. Mr. Joaquim has been actively involved in the construction and development of the Guangdong-Hongkong- Macao Greater Bay Area. Currently, he is a Macao member of the All-China Youth Federation, a Zhongshan CPPCC member, the Deputy Director of the Guangdong Lawyers Association, etc.

Ms. Tancheng LOK (Stella)

Accounting Consultant

Managing Partner, Leng Kuan Certified Public Accountants

Ms. Stella LOK is a certified public accountant in Macao, Hong Kong, the United State, the United Kingdom, Canada and Australia. She is a doctoral candidate who has served as a Visiting Professor and Chairman of the Advisory Board of several institutions of higher learning. She established the first Shenzhen-Hong Kong-Macao Joint Venture Tax Agency in China, Huangmeng Leng Kuan Lau Kwok Joint Venture Tax Agency (ShenZhen) Company Limited. Ms Lok is the president of the Macao Chinese Accountants Association as well as the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Innovation and Entrepreneurship Association.

Mr. Zhijian QIU (Ken)

Investment and Financing Consultant


Mr. Ken QIU has been engaged in market, product and R&D work in the ICT field for 15 years, covering communications, semiconductors, new materials, new energy, smart manufacturing, Internet of Things and other fields. He has cooperated with various technology companies in Shenzhen, Foshan, Jiangsu, etc., and has rich experience in science and technology project support and investment and financing. Mr. Ken QIU also serves as the judge of the HKUST One Million Dollar International Entrepreneurship Competition, and the judge of the China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition (Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Competition), etc.

Incubation Team Selection Committee Members and mentors

Mr. Kailiang SHI

Incubation Team Selection Committee Member and Mentor

Chairman, Guangdong Wiser Holding Group Co., Ltd.

Since 2005, Mr. Kailiang SHI has successively served as the innovation and entrepreneurship mentor and innovation and entrepreneurship project evaluation expert of the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Guangdong Provincial Department of Education, the Guangzhou Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau and other government departments. Mr. Shi also works as an entrepreneurial mentor of numbers of national, provincial and municipal maker spaces, innovation and entrepreneurship bases, technology business incubators and innovation and entrepreneurship associations and other institutions. For many years, he has served as a project evaluation expert for various entrepreneurship and innovation competitions held by the government, universities, etc.

Ms. Lingyun GAO (Zoe)

Incubation Team Selection Committee Member and Mentor

Executive Director, HKUST Blue Bay Incubator

Ms. Zoe GAO is also the head of HKUST One Million Dollar Entrepreneurship Competition (Shenzhen). In Shenzhen, she has mainly involved with entrepreneurial incubation business of HKUST and industrial docking, and led the establishment of an Innovation and Entrepreneurship System for HKUST. She has led the operation of HKUST One Million Dollar Entrepreneurship Competition (Shenzhen) since 2016, which has facilitated many investment and collaboration between the projects and industry In the past few years. Moreover, Zoe is experienced in instructing start-up team, business incubation and competition adjudication. She has also involved with more than 20 competition events, including event organization, competition adjudication, entrepreneurial training camps, workshops and other activities.

Mr. Takfat CHEANG (Brian)

Incubation Team Selection Committee Member and Mentor

Partner and Lawyer, Vong Hinfai Lawyers & Private Notary

Mr. Brian Cheang graduated from the Faculty of Law of the Pontifical Catholic University of Portugal in 2011 and completed the Master of Law in Portuguese at the Faculty of Law of the University of Macau in 2015. Brian has been registered as a lawyer in Macau since 2014 and he has many years of work experience in legal affairs, also serves as a Chinese-Portuguese legal translator for various government departments in Macau. Since 2018, he has also taught bachelor’s degree courses in “Macau Business Law” in Macau tertiary institutions.

Mr. Guang ZHANG

Incubation Team Selection Committee Member and Mentor

Head Coach, the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education Center of Tsinghua University Graduate School at Shenzhen

Mr. Guang ZHANG Mr. Zhang has mainly focus on the research, education and counseling related to Innovation and Entrepreneurship since 2013. He also involved with start-up project incubation. The student entrepreneurship projects he has mentored and incubated have won various awards in national, provincial and municipal entrepreneurship competitions for many times.

Mr. Kun WANG

Incubation Team Selection Committee Member and Mentor

Associate director, Corporate Business Department of Zhuhai Da Heng Qin Company Limited

Mr. Kun WANG is a core member of the management team of Hengqin-Macao Youth Entrepreneurship Valley, a national Technology Incubator, and has won the Outstanding Contribution Award awarded by Zhuhai Incubation Industry Association. Mr. Wang is one of the first batch of ’China National 10,000 Mentors in Innovation and Entrepreneurship’. He is also an expert in adjudication and training for various organizations and competitions, including Guangdong Entrepreneurship and Innovation Model Base, Guangdong ‘Internet +’ Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition (intermediary stage),  “Creative Youth” GBA Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition, etc. As of 2022, Mr. Wang has mentored for more than 300 entrepreneurship projects, and those projects have won various championships in different competitions.