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Elective course offering in 2017/2018:

Innovation and Entrepreneurship (to both undergraduate and postgraduate students) (3 credits)

CICR 350 – Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Today, the old framework is changing, new opportunities are emerging, and only the talents with innovative entrepreneurial skills can grasp the opportunities and seize opportunities. This course aims to teach students how to develop breakthrough products and services, conduct entrepreneurial marketing, protect intellectual property, prepare business plan, and prepare for the roadshow, etc. , as well as to foster the future entrepreneurs for Macau community. The course also brings students up with the basic entrepreneurial knowledge and enables students to learn the process of creating a new innovation-based venture.

This course is open for students with different backgrounds. Students who enroll this course will form teams together to fill different positions in an early-stage company, such as CEO, CTO, CFO, COO, etc. The teams will study how to start-up companies, consider market segmentation, technology viability assessment, competitive positioning, lifecycle planning, organizational strategy, sales channel analysis and etc. By practical exercise, students will experience with starting a new venture.

Entrepreneurship and innovation are the principal sources of jobs and wealth in modern economies. Innovation is the process of taking ideas, technologies, or prototype out of laboratories or classrooms and turning them into commercial products or services. The entrepreneurship part with a special emphasis on the process includes: new technology or new service development, value creation and assessment, intellectual property protection, fund raising and financial planning, team building, as well as commercialization and marketization.

For enquiry, please contact our Centre:

Mr. Gabriel Chan (email: ICI.Innovation@umac.mo, 8822 4619)

Mr. Calvin Vong  (email: ICI.Innovation@umac.mo, 8822 8683)


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