Innovation and Entrepreneurship Talk Series

Innovation and Entrepreneurship Talk Series2019-05-02T18:12:27+08:00

【Lecture】The Entrepreneurial Scientist and the Scientist’s Critical Roles in the Commercialization (Speaker: Mr. Philip Mendes;2023/09/04 11:00 a.m.;N22-G002)

22 Aug 2023|

Lecture: Key Considerations in Early Druggability Evaluation of Chemical Drugs 【Speaker:Dr. Ming Li, CEO of ZSHK Laboratories Limited, 02 June 2023, N22-G002】

23 May 2023|

China Taxation and Foreign Investment Policy Introduction Seminar and Ceremony of Cooperation of UM and Huameng Lingjun Liu Guo Associated Tax Accountants (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. Successfully Held and Event Highlights

4 Mar 2022|