Wuxi Xishan District Committee Collaborates with CIE to Advance the Xishan Youth Talent Experience Program

On April 26, Zhang Lin, member of the Standing Committee and Minister of the Organizational Department of the Wuxi Xishan District Committee, led a delegation to revisit the Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CIE) at the University of Macau (UM). Prof. Elaine Leung, the head of CIE, extended a warm welcome to the delegation and guided them through a comprehensive tour of UM’s renowned national co-working space. The visit marked a significant milestone in fostering exchanges and cooperation between the Xishan District and the University of Macau, coinciding with the plaque unveiling ceremony for the “Encounter with Xishan” Youth Talent Experience Program.

Building on the previous visit by Fang Li, Party Secretary of the District Committee, on March 20, the government of Wuxi Xishan District sent delegation to UM again to reinforce collaboration in talent development between the two regions. During the visit, Zhang and the delegation explored the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Incubation Office and the HAP ON Aromatherapy Exploration Hall, gaining profound insights into UM’s notable achievements in technology transfer.

Additionally, the Xishan District delegation collaborated with CIE to hold an enlightening policy briefing session on the “Encounter with Xishan” Youth Talent Experience Program. The session aimed to attract UM students to settle in Xishan and contribute to the vibrant development of innovation cooperation in the Yangtze River Delta and the Greater Bay Area. This initiative further aids Macau in integrating into the national development strategy. During the briefing, representatives from the Wuxi Xishan District Committee extended a sincere invitation to the youth and graduates of UM, warmly welcoming them to visit, explore, and study in Wuxi, providing an opportunity to experience the charm of Xishan’s innovative vitality.

The successful unveiling ceremony and briefing session have laid a solid foundation for jointly cultivating outstanding talents with an international vision and innovative spirit. Moving forward, both parties intend to maintain a close collaboration, with the CIE planning a visit to Wuxi in the second half of the year. This visit aims to further promote in-depth exchanges between Wuxi and Macau in the fields of education, culture, and science and technology innovation.

CIE has officially become a cooperative unit of the

“Encounter with Xishan” Youth Talent Experience Program

The Xishan District Committee holds a policy briefing session for the

“Encounter with Xishan” Youth Talent Experience Program

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