Financial Planning and Tax Training Course – Activity Highlight

Entrepreneurs will always face different financial planning issues in the process of running their start-ups. However, many entrepreneurs often ignore the importance of accounting concepts. Therefore, they may fail to build a stable base of the business and causing the money and time waste.  Accounting, as the common language of business, entrepreneurs must understand its essence from the basic as well as understanding the financial statements to the analysis and comparison of the company’s overall operating performance. Learning these can effectively help entrepreneurs understand the company’s operating situation. Moreover, companies may face different tax issues when operating. Effective tax risk management can rationalize and virtually the company’s overall tax burden within the law.

The Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship under the Institute of Collaborative Innovation of the University of Macau hosted the “Financial Planning and Tax Training course”, providing a training course on accounting theory and case study for the incubation team members and the UM students who have the intention to start a business. This training course was held during October 7th to November 18th, 2020, every Wednesday afternoon. The 7 training sessions with 14 hours in total have attracted more than 40 UM students with entrepreneurial enthusiasm to join.

The Training Course held Successfully

The Students Listened Carefully to Mr. Oscar Lam (Register Auditor in Macau)

The “Financial Planning and Tax Training course” is instructed by Mr. Oscar Lam, a registered auditor in Macau. The course content includes matters that companies should pay attention in forming a company, company management, financial statements, tax responsibilities in Macau and common accounting issues in practical. Before the first class started, the instructor designed an exam covering all the content of the course and only a few students answered more than half of the questions correctly, but after 7 classes, the correct rate increased significantly. This course used simple words to explain complicated accounting theories. The course helps students who are interested in starting a business and those who are starting a business to take the first step of their business.

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