UltiMater Camp Of 2024 University of Macau & Bank of China Trophy UltiMater Entrepreneur Competition

The Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CIE) of the University of Macau (UM), in collaboration with Bank of China (Macau), successfully hosted the “UltiMater Camp”for the「University of Macau & Bank of China Trophy UltiMater Entrepreneur Competition」 on June 26, 2024. The event aimed to provide one-on-one guidance and support to the participating teams in developing a strong business plan and elevator pitch from expert mentors.

During the workshop, esteemed mentors with expertise in entrepreneurship training, investment, and business services were invited to share their experiences and provide detailed guidance. Mr. Chen Zhenyu, the person in charge of Shenzhen North Station Hong Kong and Macau Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center, contributed a keynote speech on “Excellent Business Plan in the Eyes of Investors and Judges”; Dr. He Jiang, Partner of Shenzhen Capital SCI, shared the topic “The Choice of Entrepreneurial Paradigm—Disruptive Innovation under Structural Opportunities”; Mr. Chen Shan, Operations President of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area (Guangdong) Innovation and Entrepreneurship Incubation Base, gave an online lecture “How the entrepreneurial team collaborates to complete a successful roadshow”.

Additionally, two colleagues from the UM CIE, Dr. Grace Lu, Research Assistant Professor, and Mr. Mak, Senior Administrative Assistant, delivered engaging presentations on “The Exploration Journey of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at UM” and “Entrepreneurship Legal Workshop,” respectively, providing comprehensive guidance and enlightenment to the participating teams.

Following the sharing sessions, each mentor had a separate guidance with the teams and discussed the pros and cons of the projects regarding the prospective development path.

This event provided valuable knowledge and guidance to the participating teams, equipping them with the skills and strategies necessary for success in the competition. The CIE continues to strive towards fostering a vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem, promoting innovation and diversification in Macau’s economic development, actively supporting Macau SAR government’s “1+4” strategy.

Dr. He Jiang (left), Mr. Chen Shan (second right), Mr. Chen Zhenyu (first right) and Prof. Elaine Leung

one-on-one guidance

Dr.Grace Lu introduced “The Exploration Journey of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at UM”

Mr. Mak shared “Entrepreneurship Legal Workshop”

The participant asked questions to the experts

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