CIE Holds Regular Incubation Recruitment Roadshow

The Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CIE) successfully organized the recruitment roadshow for the regular incubation program for the second semester of the 2023-2024 academic year on March 15. Under the leadership of Professor Elaine Leung, the Head of CIE, a selection committee composed of prominent figures from the Greater Bay Area’s science and technology investment industry reviewed 11 projects. With diverse projects from industries such as great health, microelectronics, fintech, and cultural creativity, the roadshow showcased the endless possibilities of innovation at the University of Macau (UM) in various fields.

The roadshow adopted a format that combined project presentations with a Q&A session with the selection committee. In addition, a representative from Gobi Partners GBA was invited as a guest judge. The selection committee conducted comprehensive evaluations of each project’s core technology, business model, and market prospects through online and offline assessment.

A total of 11 projects have been invited to participate in the roadshow, including 7 Category C projects in the field of medical and biotechnology, 3 Category B projects in new materials, environmental protection, and microelectronics, and 1 Category A project in culture and creativity. The roadshow highlighted the vibrant entrepreneurial atmosphere at UM and showcased the creativity and capabilities of young entrepreneurs. CIE will continue to provide comprehensive support to the incubated projects, assisting them in achieving commercialization and sustainable development.

The results of the incubation selection will be announced in early April. Project leaders are advised to closely follow the notifications from CIE.

The judge raises questions to the startup team regarding project content

The startup team listens to judges’ opinions from online

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