[Photo sharing] “Walk with the Entrepreneurs”-Activity Highlights

A series of activities “Walk with the Entrepreneurs” have drew to a successful close. These activities were organized by the Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship of the University of Macau and were held from December 14th, 2020 to December 18th. The series of events included a week-long “Fledgling” exhibition, “Set Sail” entrepreneurship roadshow and elevator pitch, as well as two “Traveler on the Thorny Road” experience sharing sessions with industry experts and entrepreneurial forebears. The Centre promotes a culture of entrepreneurship and helps foster an atmosphere of innovation and entrepreneurship on campus.
The “Set Sail “roadshow and elevator pitch was held on December 16th. Three teams were invited to give a five-minute roadshow and five teams were invited to deliver a one-minute elevator pitch. Guests were invited to comment on the performance of the teams. Through the activity, the teams can not only find out where their projects need to be improved with the mentor’s suggestion but can also learn from other teams.

The teams are conducting the roadshow and elevator pitch

The first “Traveler on the Thorny Road ” experience sharing session was held on December 15th. The founders of Barra Creative Technology and Design Limited and Printing Banana (Macau) Company limited, which are incubation teams of the first batch, were invited to share their experience. Meanwhile, Mr. Wang Kun, the deputy director of Da Heng Qin Development Co., LTD., were invited to join this session. The second session was held on December 16th. 2048 (Macau), Limited and Zidian Technology Co., LTD, which are the incubation teams of the second batch, were invited to share their entrepreneurship experiences. Ms. Vong Sok Hei, Rosita, a lawyer in Macao, and Professor Liu Ting Chi, Director of the Centre for Continuing Education of the University of Macau were also invited to join this session and to share their ideas and suggestion for the two incubation teams.
Barra Creative Technology and Design Limited is a Macao-based AR content production company. Its business focuses on customizing AR technology marketing solutions. Its customers include well-known brands and large hotels. Printing Banana (Macau) Company limited is a company operating online printing one-stop service platform and it aims at building a platform for small and medium-sized customers and graphic designers. 2048 (Macau), Limited is a company in Macao that brews its own craft beer and puts it on the market. It integrates the western traditional brewing process into the oriental tea culture and creates beer with Chinese characteristics. Zidian Techonology Co., LTD, is an independent company that owns and develops a number of technologies related to air disinfection and purification. It has developed a product with Air-ClearVTM Air disinfection technology as its core.
Each team shared their difficulties and solutions to some of the problems they met on their way of starting a business. The representatives of Barra Creative Technology and Design Limited said that the epidemic has affected their business to a certain extent, so they were actively expanding their business into related fields. The representatives of Printing Banana (Macau) Company limited shared their company’s business model and future development direction, and the guests also gave guidance and analysis on the relevant content. The representatives of 2048 (Macau), Limited shared their interesting entrepreneurship story of how they started as a beer bike and developed to have a physical shop and then a production base. The representative of Zidian Technology Co., LTD shared his entrepreneurial philosophy and business opportunities developed in the epidemic. After listening to the teams’ sharing, the audience actively asked questions and communicated with them.

Barra Creative Technology and Design Limited

                   Printing Banana (Macau) Company Limited

   2048 (Macau), Limited

    Zidan Technology Co., Ltd

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