CIE Hosts CNY Gathering for Startups & Mentors

The Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CIE) proudly announces the successful organization of the 2024 Chinese New Year Gathering Event on March 8, 2024. Named “Innovative Spring, CIE Chinese New Year Gathering,” the event brought together distinguished guests including professors, mentors, representatives from startup companies, and aspiring entrepreneurs from the University of Macau (UM) community, fostering a vibrant environment for celebrating the Chinese New Year and exchanging invaluable entrepreneurial insights.

Attended by 17 representatives from prominent startup companies and four esteemed mentors, the CNY gathering event showcased the convergence of visionary minds. Notable figures in attendance included Wang Yizhe, the Associate Director of China Everbright Limited; Shi Kailiang, the Chairman of Guangdong Wiser Holding Group Co., Ltd.; Brian Cheang, the Partner and Lawyer of Vong HinFai Lawyers & Private Notary; and Wang Kun, the Associate Director of the Strategic Planning and Research Department at Zhuhai Da Heng Qin Company Limited.

CIE emphasized that the Spring Gathering event served as a pivotal platform, uniting entrepreneurs from within and outside the university. It provided a unique opportunity for UM students and faculty members with entrepreneurial aspirations to engage in meaningful networking and share their experiences. The meticulously designed event included a dedicated dining area and interactive roundtable discussions, fostering an environment conducive to collaborative learning, experience sharing and forging potential partnerships.

Looking ahead, CIE remains steadfast in its commitment to advancing the culture of innovation and entrepreneurship. By empowering the UM community with an unwavering spirit of innovation, the center aims to provide the necessary support and resources to propel the entrepreneurial dreams of its members to new heights.

The Head of CIE, Prof. Elaine Leung, sends New Year greetings

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