Teams that are recommended by the Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship of the University of Macau to participate in external entrepreneurial competitions or activities must clearly and actively make known to all parties and acknowledge such facts related to the status of the team as “the team is from the University of Macau”, “the team members are professors, staff, students or alumni of the University of Macau” and “the ownership of intellectual property”.

The team must send the relevant PPT to in advance, with the title “XXX competition (date)-XX team PPT”.

報名ing!第一屆中國研究生“雙碳”創新與創意大賽報名通道已開啟(報名截止:2022年9月18日)(Only available in Chinese)

23 Aug 2022|

2022年教育部港澳與內地高等學校師生交流計畫暨“雙創領航精英訓練營”正式啟動(Only available in Chinese)

17 Aug 2022|

2022年教育部港澳內地高校師生交流計劃暨“雙創領航精英訓練營”啓動報名(報名截止:2022年7月31日)(Only available for Chinese)

13 Jul 2022|

2021“工行杯”全國大學生金融科技創新大賽之第一屆澳門大學生金融科技創新大賽 (only available in Chinese)

8 Sep 2021|

[External Activity]2020年“我們是追夢人”第六屆 佛山(禪城) 大灣區創業合夥人選拔大賽(Application deadline:10/10/2020)

21 Sep 2020|

[External Activity] 關於舉辦第七屆“創青春”中國青年創新創業大賽暨2020 中國青年創新創業交流會的通知 (Application deadline: 2020/09/30)

7 Sep 2020|

External competition: The 6th Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan University Students Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition

11 Sep 2019|

“Economic Development of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area and Innovation platform of the University of Macau” Successfully Organized and Event Highlights

5 Sep 2019|

Prof. Jerome YEN gave a seminar on the topic of “Financial Technology and Macau Economic Development” at the Pui Ching Middle School

9 Jan 2019|