Themed lecture “The Entrepreneurial Scientist and the Scientist’s Critical Roles in the Commercialization” organized by CIE

The Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CIE) of the University of Macau (UM) held a lecture on the topic of “The Entrepreneurial Scientist and the Scientist’s Critical Roles in the Commercialization” at the N22 Research Building on September 4. The guest speaker, Mr. Philip Mendes, is a practicing lawyer with 25 years of professional experience in technology transformation, and he has widely engaged as a consultant to universities, governments, and companies, advising on innovation policy, IP policies, technology transfer, and commercialization improvement for many years. Besides, Mr. Mendes has also participated in many corporate negotiations regarding the transfer and license of intellectual property, and financing. In the lecture, Mr. Mendes explained to the audience how scientists can more efficiently commercialize scientific research results, shared some successful commercialization cases, and pointed out the role of scientists and the key points during the commercialization process.

The event attracted dozens of professionals in scientific research from both inside and outside the university who are interested in innovation and commercialization, including Chan Chou Weng, Acting Head of the Technology Department of the Economic and Technological Development Bureau; Simon Che, Senior Manager of the Project Transformation and Support Department of the Science and Technology Development Fund; Dr. Claudia Xu, the Vice Rector (Administration) and Prof. Zikang Tang, the Director of the Institute of Applied Physics and Materials Engineering of UM, etc. After the lecture, Mr. Mendes had an in-depth discussion with the audience and shared many experiences and suggestions on transforming scientific research results into commercial products.

As the organizer, CIE hopes to support and promote the transformation of the university’s scientific research results by organizing lectures and exhibitions on relevant themes, providing entrepreneurial innovation consulting for start-up projects, and providing support services and cultivation for UM start-up companies. Also, CIE will continue to function as a pre-incubation platform to aid UM students and faculty members in realizing their aspirations to become entrepreneurs and improve the transformation effect of their scientific and technological achievements.

Mr. Philip Mendes shared with the audience how to commercialize scientific research results

Dr. Claudia Xu, the Vice Rector (Administration) of UM, introduced the theme of lecture

After the lecture, Mr. Philip Mendes had an in-depth discussion with the audience

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