The UltiMater 2022 – UM Innovation & Entrepreneurship Open Day

「The UltiMater 2022 – UM Innovation & Entrepreneurship Open Day」, bringing the spirit of “Maker and Geek” , aims to present the achievements of the University of Macau’s industry-academia collaboration to entrepreneurs, enterprises, investors, students and public institutions, and to build a bridge for industrial upgrading, diversification, and cross-industry cooperation in Macau.

  • Date: Thursday, November 17, 2022
  • Exhibition Area Opening Hours: 10:00 – 18:00
  • Venue: Multi-Function Hall G008, G014, G018, UM Guest House (N1), University of Macau

09:00 至 09:15Opening Ceremony 
09:15 至 09:35Awarding Ceremony of the Second Funding Scheme of Innovation and Entrepreneurship
09:35 至 09:45Awarding Ceremony of the Entrepreneurship Ambassador
10:15 至 12:20Roadshow from 11 start-up companies
12:20 至 12:35

Guangzhou Branch Venue: 大智匯雙創平臺 Live streaming

Topic: Implementation policies sharing in Huangpu District, Guangzhou

14:00至 14:15Roadshow Award Ceremony
14:20 至 16:20

The University of Macau Industry-academia collaboration Sharing

1.  Quantum Physics – the  integration of science and philosophy in new application fields

Zikang TANG (Director, Institute of Applied Physics and Materials Engineering)

2.  Intelligent Robots and Applications: Across Macroscales and Microscales

Qingsong XU (Professor, FST – Department of Electromechanical Engineering)

3.  Innovation and Commercialization of Biomedical Technology

Tzu-Ming LIU (Associate Professor, Faculty of Health Science)

4.  FinTech and Financial Innovation: From Hardware Acceleration to Combination of Virtuality and Reality

 Jerome YEN (Head of Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship)


The UltiMater Salon: Risk and Opportunity – Entrepreneurial Adversity and Breakthrough

  1. Barra Creative Technology and Design Limited

         Mr. Cheong Ka Man  (General Manager)

  1. Zidian Technology Co, Ltd.

        Mr. Cen Bangjie (Founder)

  1. 2048 (Macau) Co, Ltd.

       Ms. Kwok Tsz Ching (Founder)

  1. Zhuhai Digifluidic Biotech Ltd.

         Ms. Chen Jingxian (Deputy General Manager)


Awarding Ceremony of the Best Exhibition

  • Roadshow  Session

2 awards for the Best Investment Potential MOP5,000 each

2 awards for the Best Presentation MOP4,000 each

  • Best Exhibition Award Session

2 awards for the Best Exhibition MOP5,000 each

  • Lucky Draw

3 Huawei mobile phones and 10 Huawei watches for the first prize

The rest are cash coupons or coupons

Each visitor who attended the event and registered by scanning the QR code can participate

Scan the CQ Code for Registry and Lucky Draw

Scan the CQ Code for application of PGH POINT and SAO

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