UM team wins first prize at 2021 Bank of China Trophy One Million Dollar Macao Regional Entrepreneurship Competition

Teams formed by University of Macau (UM) students, namely ‘BrainLightning’ and ‘Medical Cloud Intelligent Clinical Devices Team’, on 5 May won a first prize and a third prize, respectively, at the 2021 Bank of China Trophy One Million Dollar Macao Regional Entrepreneurship Competition, for their products, an array brain temperature monitor and an intelligent and safe clinical information infusion pump. The second prize went to a team named ‘Macau Smart Medical Equipment Smart Smoke Evacuator’. The winning teams will represent Macao in the grand final of the One Million Dollar Entrepreneurship Competition.

This year’s competition received a total of 84 applications, covering such areas as medical equipment, new energy, environmental protection, the internet, and smart tourism. 

The ‘BrainLightning’ Team won the first prize for their late-model early stroke diagnostic device that can screen for significant bilateral temperature differences in patients with cerebral ischaemia by measuring the difference in peak cranial surface temperature between the affected side and the opposite side of the patient for rapid identification of ischaemic strokes.

Interim Director of Institute of Collaborative Innovation Prof. Xu Cheng Zhong (1st from left) and Integrated Marketing Director of BOC Personal Banking and Channel Management Department Lok Choi Chan (1st from right) present the 1st prize

The ‘Macau Smart Medical Equipment Smart Smoke Evacuator’ Team won the second prize for their medical device that can purify the operating space and maintain a stable operating environment during abdominal surgery. The equipment can absorb and filter the smoke generated by the electric knife and the water vapour generated by the ultrasonic knife and other surgical wastes. 

Deputy Director of the Economic and Technological Development Bureau Chan Hon Sang (1st from left) and Director of Student Office of the Education and Youth Development Bureau Chan Iok Wai (1st from right) present the 2nd prize

The ‘Medical Cloud Intelligent Clinical Devices’ Team won the third prize for their infusion device that can reduce manual work and provide accurate clinical medication data. It is safer, more efficient, and less costly than its conventional counterparts. The project aims to assist frontline medical personnel in their day-to-day work and to promote the diversification of Macao’s economy. 

Dean of Students of the University of Macau Pang Chap Chong (1st from left) and Assistant Dean of Zhuhai Fudan Innovation Institute Ye Aijin (1st from right) present the 3rd prize

In addition, three other teams, namely ‘Global Share R&D Centre for Industrialisation of Semiconductor-based Low Carbon & Environmental-Protection Civilian Products in Macao’, ‘Homing Bird’, and ‘SafeHeart Tech’, each won an Outstanding Award. The team ‘RJC AND CO BIOTECH LTD’ won the Best Trade Show Award, while the team ‘Homing Bird’ won the Best Elevator Pitch Award. 

UM present the souvenir to Bank of China Macau Branch

The following guests attended the award ceremony: Chan Hon Sang, deputy director of the Economic and Technological Development Bureau; Chan Iok Wai, director of the Student Office of the Education and Youth Development Bureau; Lok Choi Chan, integrated marketing director of Bank of China Macau Branch; Kam Tat Hang, deputy general manager of Praia Park Sub-branch; Florence Leong, deputy officer of the Centre for Entrepreneurship and Career Planning of MUST; Ye Aijun, assistant dean of Zhuhai Fudan Innovation Institute; Danny Chau, director of Gold Chess Asia Consulting Ltd; Avi Sun, vice president of Success Capital Co., Ltd; Lin Yongqiang, chairman of Yikang (Guangdong) Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd.; Chan Ka Ip, member of the Macau Special Administrative Region Government Youth Affairs Committee; Gao Yongqiao, secretary-general of the Macao Legal Exchange and Promotion Association; Paul Pang, dean of students of UM; Liu Ting Chi, director of the Centre for Continuing Education of UM; Cindy Lam, director of the Alumni and Development Office of UM; Xu Chengzhong, interim director of the Institute of Collaborative Innovation of UM; and Elvo Sou, head of the Student Counselling Section of UM.

The One Million Dollar Entrepreneurship Competition was launched in 2011 by the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, with the aim of discovering the best business proposal. This year’s regional competitions were held in Hong Kong, Macao, Zhongshan, Foshan, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Beijing, and the Yangtze River delta. The Macao regional competition was sponsored by the Bank of China (Macau Branch).

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