Innovation Corner

This Corner aims to provide opportunities to students for communicating with the Centre for Innovation and to allow crashes of good ideas in a relaxed atmosphere, promoting an innovation environment on campus. Gathering together students who have entrepreneurial spirit, the Centre for Innovation will offer professional consultation for students who have business ideas, help realize the trend and entrepreneurial opportunities, find the right business partner as well as useful off-campus resources. In addition, students are welcome to bring their preliminary business plans for discussion, that the Centre could provide further help of enhancing the business proposals.


UM Students (No more than 30 students each time, first come first served with priority to students who will share their thought. Please specify the participation purposes such as sharing business ideas, seeking business partners, or looking for other resources. In each meeting, at most 6 five-minute sessions will be offered for students to share their thoughts and ideas. Participating students should specify their expectations such as sharing start-up ideas, seeking partners or team members, or looking for other resources.)


10 November 2017 (Friday)         16: 00-17:30   (Mandarin)



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For any enquiry, please contact:

Mr. Vong        tel:  8822 8683    email:

Miss Chen      tel:8822 4615    email:


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