Innovation Week : Innovation and Entrepreneurship Talk Series

Innovation Week : Innovation and Entrepreneurship Talk Series

 Have you ever heard about Fintech, Block-chain and Unmanned-boat, and its use? Do you know how does the Bitcoin work? No matter what the answers are, one could easily connect all these with “innovation” that everywhere in the world has been emphasizing nowadays.

In this Talk, three speakers will respectively share with the students several hot technologies, i.e. Fintech, Block Chain and Unmanned Surface Vessels. The talk series will show how innovation gives significant impact on their businesses.

With innovations there comes another heated term Intellectual Property, of which every innovator seeks for protection. In the morning session, this topic will be discussed.

Taking the chance, Prof. Jerome Yen, Head of Centre for Innovation will give a briefing about the Recruitment of Incubation Teams.


1 Nov 2017


  • Morning:     11:00 – 12:00 (Intellectual Property)
  • Afternoon:  16:00 – 17:50 (Fintech, Block Chain and Unmanned Surface Vessels)


N1 – Ground Floor, UM Guest House



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Morning Session (Intellectual Property):

Afternoon Session (Fintech, Block Chain, Unmanned Surface Vessels):


SpeakerBrief IntroductionTopic
Representative of Hengqin Intellectual Property ExchangeHIPEX undertakes task for national intellectual property pilot platform specialized in financial and international operation in Hengqin free trade zone.倡導創新文化,強化知識產權
Mr. Yu TianliangVice-general manager of Zhuhai Yunzhou Intelligence Technology. Graduated from Tsinghua University, Beijing.TBC
Dr. Tan HaoyuCEO and Chief Data Scientist of Deepera Technology Limited人工智能將如何改變量化交易
Dr. Deng MuFounder of 惠智(深圳)技術有限公司 and expert in block chain數字資產與智慧城市——區塊鏈解決之道



For enquiry, please contact our Centre:

Mr. Gabriel Chan (email:, 8822 2929)


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