Seminar Series of Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Admission List

To cultivate students full of innovative ideas and entrepreneurship desires to become future entrepreneurs, the Centre for Innovation of the UM provides this seminar series of innovation and entrepreneurship to all undergraduate and postgraduate students for the first time. To train innovative thinking and teach basic entrepreneurship knowledge, the series aims at helping participants develop innovative products and services, make business plans, start entrepreneurial marketing, protect intellectual properties, evaluate the project value, and prepare for financing and road show.

The seminar series contains: how to build a startup team, writing a business plan, financing for a startup, techniques for road show, entrepreneurial planning, frontier technology, etc. During the classes, students try to form a mock company by themselves, learning and practicing market segmentations, evaluation of technical feasibility, competitive position, business model, marketing strategy, analysis of sales channels and other practical exercises which make students more familiar with entrepreneurial methods. In the end, students could try to become entrepreneurs and apply for incubation in the Centre for Innovation. Some projects of last year have made a great stride in the Greater Bay Area and have won prizes in national innovation and entrepreneurship competitions. It is hoped the teams could do even better.


Date:19th & 26th of September, 10th; 24th & 31st of October; 14th, 21st and 28th of November, 2018
Time: 5:00 p.m. – 6:30 p.m, every Wednesday. Road show on the last day.
Target:UM students with priority to those who have entrepreneurial intention, applied for the incubation team, and participated in the Innovation Ambassador.
Fee:Free of charge (MOP200 deposit)
Location:University of Macau
Medium of Instruction:Mandarin
Application:1. Online Registration
2. Download and complete the application form and email to
Deadline of Application:

12th September 2018

Announcement of Admission:13th September 2018
Deposit:The deposit should be paid at the Centre for Innovation (N1-1001)within 3 days upon admission notification. Otherwise, the quota should be deemed given up. The deposit will be fully refunded to students with attendance reaching 75%.
Certificate:Participants with attendance reaching 75% and finish the class requirements would be awarded a certificate issued by the Institute of Collaborative Innovation.


Prof. Jerome Yen is currently the Head of Centre for Innovation and Distinguished Professor of Business Information Systems. Before joining the University of Macau, he was the director of internet finance at the Hong Kong Applied Science and Technology Research Institute. He has also worked in the University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and Chinese University of Hong Kong with profound research experience in management information systems, finance, commerce, risk management and internet finance, especially in finance supermarket and its business model and technologies. Besides, Prof. Yen has also held the position of senior vice president and deputy chief risk officer in a company of Forbes 500 and Fortune 500.

Prof. Yen has lead students as an advisor to participate in regional and international business model writing competitions where the team has won prizes. Prof. Yen has also been consultants for a number of financial institutions such as Stock Exchange of Hong Kong, Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission, Hang Seng Bank, SinoPac Financial Holdings, Bank of East Asia, Yuexiu Securities, China Construction Bank in investment strategies, risk management and structured product designs. Guest speakers if any will be announced in due course.

Content (Tentative)

  • Introduction to innovation and entrepreneurship; formation of startup team.
  • Selection of product services and industries; writing business plan.
  • Introduction to innovative technologies, such as blockchain, big data and artificial intelligence, etc.; introduction to intellectual properties protection.
  • Marketing researches and strategic marketing.
  • Financial management methods for startup teams.
  • Comments of roadshow from senior entrepreneurial tutors for accelerating implementation and incubation of projects.

WeekDateSeminar Contents
#119th September
  1. Introduction to innovation and entrepreneurship
  2. Formation of startup teams
#226th September
  1. Writing business plans and presentation
#310th October
  1. Market pain points and opportunities
  2. Building business models
#424th October
  1. Products design, market positioning and marketing strategy
#531st  October
  1. Abstract of finance technology frontiers, such as blockchain, big data and artificial intelligence.
  2. Introduction to intellectual property protection
#614th November
  1. Project evaluation,
  2. Financial planning
  3. Financing and entrepreneurial development plan
#721th November
  1. Discussing entrepreneurship frontier and case analysis
#828th  November
  1. Finalize Entrepreneurship projects and roadshow
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