“Blockchain Training Camp 2018/2019” Introduction Course – “What is the Blockchain” Successfully Organized and Event Highlights

The Centre for Innovation of UM held an introduction course entitled “What is Blockchain” in the lecture hall of the Centre at 15:00 on Wednesday (September 5th).

The speaker –Prof. Jerome YEN, Interim Director of Institute of Collaborative Innovation, explained the relevant concepts and latest developments of Blockchain technology to about 40 students attending the presentation in a cordial and vivid language, sharing his views on the application and development prospects of Blockchain technology.

At the briefing, Prof. YEN highlighted the characteristics as well as the application possibilities and prospective development of Blockchain technology, the impact of this creative fintech on financial markets, the intrinsic value of digital currency and the Bitcoin disputes, etc. These topics successfully arouse great interests and heated discussion among the students. Prof. YEN patiently answered the questions raised by the students and improved their understanding of the Blockchain technology at the end of the course.

Prof. YEN said that Blockchain technology not only has unique advantages in the application of smart contracts, record keeping and paperless vouchers, but also has more application fields such as the supply-chain-related financial services, credit investigation and anti-fraud issues and Internet of Things. He encouraged students to continually pay attention to Blockchain technology and spare no efforts to manage it, in order to create a brighter future.

Event Highlights:

Speaker:Prof. Jerome Yen

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