Postgraduate Assistantships (PhD and Master)

The Institute of Collaborative Innovation is looking for postgraduate assistantships (Ph.D. and Master) for the AY2018/2019.

Duties and Assignments:

  • All assistantship recipients are required to engage in duties related to research, ancillary teaching and/or student services.
  • Considering that each center may deal with different areas of knowledge and nature of work/project, the nature of ancillary teaching duties of the above assistantship may vary according to the needs of the center, subject to the approval of Center Head concerned.


  • A monthly grant of MOP 4,000 to MOP 8,000 per month (Master’s students)
  • A monthly grant of MOP 6,250 to MOP 14,000 per month (PhD students)

Basic Requirements

  • The appointed assistantships should possess relevant background/skills/abilities including but not limited to academic degree, experience and other exposure.
  • Due to the interdisciplinary nature of the Institute, assistantships may come from different faculties, institutes or centers. The selection will give priority to those whose academic studies or previous experience are related to innovation, entrepreneurship, data science, art and design, or areas of interests in relation to the project(s) at the time.

Further Information:

Funding Guidelines for PhD and Master Students

Criteria and Selection Guidelines for PhD and Master Assistantship in Institute of Collaborative Innovation (ICI) – to be announced soon

Application and Enquiry:

Please send your CV to the respective centers by email. 

Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship

 The recruitment will continue until the positions are filled.

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