Entrepreneurship Training Workshop & Mentor Meeting-Up of “2022 Bank of China Trophy – One Million Dollar Macao Regional Entrepreneurship Competition” Successfully Held

Entrepreneurship Training Workshop & Mentor Meeting-Up of
“2022 Bank of China Trophy – One Million Dollar Macao Regional Entrepreneurship Competition” Successfully Held

The Entrepreneurship Training Workshop & Mentor Meeting-Up of “Bank of China Trophy-One Million Dollar Macao Regional Entrepreneurship Competition” was successfully held at the multifunction hall of the Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship in the afternoon of March 16th. Eight entrepreneurs and mentors, with respective expertise in entrepreneurship training, investment, business services, etc., were invited to share their experience and provide elaborative guidance on the preparation of a sound business plan and instructed the shortlisted teams of the indispensable elements and the key items that should be addressed in business presentation and elevator pitch.

The online lectures of the workshop were given by four mentors. To start with, Ms. Zhang Yan, Executive Director of Shenzhen NPW Investment Holding Company Limited, shared the topic “How to Write a Good Business Plan for a Young Entrepreneur“. Next, Mr. Zhang Ao, Vice President of Great Walle Investment Holding Company Limited, introduced “How to Get the First Financing”. After that, Mr. Chen Zhenyu, the person in charge of Shenzhen North Station Hong Kong and Macau Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center, contributed a keynote speech on “Excellent Projects in the Eyes of Investors and Judges and the Key Points of the Competition”. Then, Dr. Zhang Zhenzhong, Director of Industry-Academia-Research Cooperation Project of the University of Macau-Huafa Group Joint Laboratory, delivered a speech themed “How to Create a Better Business”.

While on site, Prof. Jerome Yen, Head of Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneuship, shared a speech on the theme of “Entrepreneurial Resource Integration and Team Building“. Prof. Yen emphasized that teams should utilize the resources around them and manage the roles of team members in entrepreneurship. He believed that in addition to “hard skills”, teams should also need to develop “soft strengths” and hoped that they would continue to innovate and adapt to social changes.

The event also invited Mr. Cen Bangjie, the founder of Zidian Technology Company Limited, a distinguished incubation team at the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Centre of the University of Macau, to share his experience and entrepreneurial tips with the participating teams.


Mr. Wang Kun, Associate Director of Corporate Business Department of Zhuhai Da Heng Qin Company Limited delivered a speech titled “Three Principles and Three Positions of Business Operation”.

Mr. Shi Kailiang, Chairman of Guangdong Wiser Holding Group Company Limited, shared a speech on “Serving China’s Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Investing in China’s Future“, which commented on the outstanding projects in the eyes of the judges and explained in detail the essential elements of the business plan for the teams.

Following the sharing sessions, each mentor had a separate guidance with the teams that have been shortlisted for the next round, in which thorough analyses surrounding the pros and cons of the projects  regarding the prospective development path were provided.

All of the top 18 teams expressed that they have been benefited from this entrepreneurship training workshop. In particular, the one-on-one guidance not only provided a clear understanding of the problems in their projects, but also pointed out the problem-solving direction for them.

According to the competition agenda, based on the training and professional guidance from mentors, the top 18 teams need to submit the final business proposals and demonstration materials before March 30th, 2022, for review and assessment at later stage.

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