Trade Show of 2022 Bank of China Trophy One Million Dollar Macao Regional Entrepreneurship Competition

“2022 Bank of China Trophy One Million Dollar Macao Regional Entrepreneurship Competition” – Round 2 Competition has begun. Shortlisted teams of Macao Regional Competition will showcase their innovative business proposals and give an elevator pitch to the public. You are cordially invited to vote for the “Best Trade Show” team.

In order to encourage and appreciate your participation of the event, the Career Development Centre of Student Affairs Office and Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship under Institute of Collaborative Innovation of the University of Macau will arrange a lucky draw. Guests can join the lucky draw by showing their ID cards to win coupons valued MOP200 each (20 prizes) after casting a vote. For details, please visit the Trade Show.

Date:13 April 2022 (Wed)
Time:14:00-17:00 (Elevator pitch starts at 14:45. Students of the University of Macau fully attended the Elevator Pitch will be awarded 1 SMART POINT and 30 “Service and leadership” (CS) will be given.)
Location:Multi-functional Room (1001), 1/F, Student Activity Centre (E31), University of Macau


Booth No.:001

Company/Team Name: ZHONGKEQINGYU

Project Name: Green Digital City System

Brief Introduction:

ZHONGKEQINGYU provides local governments and enterprises with regional carbon emission resource allocation solutions.


Booth No.:002

Company/Team Name: A+Sleep

Project Name: A+Sleep

Brief Introduction:

A+Sleep is a medical-grade treatment device mainly developed for people with sleeping problems. Its principle is to develop a non-invasive intervention device to achieve cognitive behavioral therapy and prolong deep sleep period during sleep based on brain-computer interface technology, so as to improve sleep quality of the users.


Booth No.:003

Company/Team Name: Crystal Vision

Project Name: The development and commercialization of small molecule drug candidates in treatment of dry eye disease

Brief Introduction:

Dry eye disease is a multifactorial ocular surface disorder defined by an imbalance in tear film homeostasis that causes ocular discomfort in patients. It is a global epidemic, with an increasing trend of patients suffering from dry eye disease at a younger age. There is a high demand for a safe and effective therapeutic treatment, as the existing treatment option are ineffective in relieving the symptoms. The goal of our project is to develop small molecule drug candidates from natural products for dry eye disease as well as to commercialize this therapy option on the market.


Booth No.:004

Company/Team Name: Rearters

Project Name: Rearters

This project submitted a withdrawal request.


Booth No.:005

Company/Team Name: ZhiYingXunKe

Project Name: “Blue Shark” intelligent fire protection system

Brief Introduction:

“Blue Shark” is a multi-scene intelligent firefighting system. The system is composed of four parts: central control, sensing monitoring, visual sensing, fire suppression subsystem and intelligent assistance. The “Blue Shark” is easy to install and simple to maintain; it can quickly find the fire and quickly extinguish the fire to fight for rescue time. ZhiYingXunKe group currently has 11 patents.


Booth No.:006

Company/Team Name: Fang Yuan Wealth Fund Solutions

Project Name:High-performance investment and risk management system based on implied volatility surface

Brief Introduction:

 Hope to build a high-performance stock market analysis system based on implied volatility surface to manage the portfolio and handle market risk.


Booth No.:007

Company/Team Name: FinTech Plus

Project Name: FPGA-based Implied Volatility Computing Platform

Brief Introduction:

Our main product is RISC-V framework and X86 framework based implied volatility calculating platform using FPGA with attached software service.


Booth No.:008

Company/Team Name: ZhongKe Wa Mei

Project Name: Digital AI dermatologist

Brief Introduction:

Digital AI dermatologist is an AI skin diagnostic system, which is regarded with a great significance for clinical application and skin care industrialization enhancements.


Booth No.:009

Company/Team Name: Habitat

Project Name: Habitat cleaning robot of building

Brief Introduction:

By using robots to clean the building walls will reduce the risk of workers falling from the building and improve cleaning efficiency. In view of the low efficiency of existing robots, this project proposes an optimization algorithm for simultaneous mapping and localization algorithm and global motion planning based on the building facade, aiming to improve cleaning efficiency in an energy-saving and environmentally way.


Booth No.:010

Company/Team Name: Marine source ingredient for special dietary uses

Project Name: MoMilk–Leading the new era of breast milk powder in China

Brief Introduction:

Using the self-developed fucosyltransferase, this project is the first in the world to complete the gram-level production of human milk oligosaccharide HMOs, which is currently the highest yield known in vitro bioenzymatic synthesis of HMOs. Adding HMOs to infant formula milk powder is closer to breast milk than existing milk powder, and has great potential for cultivation and incubation.


Booth No.:011

Company/Team Name: Weiyun Technology

Project Name: Weiyun Technology – a compliant cross-border credit data platform based on blockchain and privacy computing

Brief Introduction:

In response to the government’s promotion of the development of the cross-border interconnection mechanism between the financial markets of Hengqin and Macau, our project proposes a cross-border joint credit investigation solution based on the technologies of blockchain and privacy computing, aiming to solve the problem of the “data island” of cross-border credit investigation. And ensure cross-border data transfers in compliance with the law.


Team No.:012

Company/Team Name: UM SupraScience

Project Name: Product development of SupraCell Kits for live cell-drug delivery

Brief Introduction:

A novel platform was developed based on supramolecular technology for live cell-mediated drug delivery. It showed great potential in clinical transition as a facile kit, which, quickly combines patients’ somatic cells with drug-carrying nanoparticles and then transfuses them back to the human body for treatment. It is used for the coupling delivery of a variety of cells and nano drugs to treat different diseases.


Booth No.:013

Company/Team Name: Digital and Planning

Project Name: Digital Technology Village Planning

Brief Introduction:

The core technology of this project is the “Rural Construction Plot Performance Algorithm System”, which is based on the spatial syntax method and rural spatial data as the basis for empirical evidence.


Booth No.:014

Company/Team Name: BioPetech (Macau) Limited

Project Name: Macau BioPetech BSG Cat Litter

Brief Introduction:

We use the Brewer’s spent grain by the beer industry as the plant fiber substrate, to develop a natural, environmentally friendly, cat litter product. This improves the defects of current plant cat litter, which are easy to deteriorate, breed bacteria. And provide solutions for the environmental problems caused by a large amount of malt waste in the beer industry.


Booth No.:015

Company/Team Name: Macau Smart City Terahertz Light Quantum Energy Saver Equipment Project

Project Name: Macau Smart City Terahertz Light Quantum Energy Saver Equipment Project

Brief Introduction:

Terahertz Light Quantum Energy Saver Equipment, Helping Macao Smart City Equipment Construction.


Booth No.:016

Company/Team Name: Macau Supervised the Construction of Smart Medical Equipment Project of Laparoscopic Surgery Pneumoperitoneum Machine

Project Name:Macau Supervised the Construction of Smart Medical Equipment Project of Laparoscopic Surgery Pneumoperitoneum Machine

Brief Introduction:

The Macau smart medical equipment of laparoscopic surgery pneumoperitoneum ensures patient safety.


Booth No.:017

Company/Team Name: Attenna – Text Analytics Technology Company

Project Name: Optimization of Business Decision based on Sentiment Analysis

Brief Introduction:

Our company uses natural language processing, machine learning to simplify and distill complex text documents into useful data and insights.


Booth No.:018

Company/Team Name: Eture

Project Name:HexBot: A Modular embedded teaching equipment

Brief Introduction:

HexBot, an embedded teaching equipment that builds customized IOT boards. Now used in colleges.

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