Trade Show of 2023 Bank of China Trophy One Million Dollar Macao Regional Entrepreneurship Competition

“2023 Bank of China Trophy One Million Dollar Macao Regional Entrepreneurship Competition” – Round 2 Competition has begun. Shortlisted teams of Macao Regional Competition will showcase their innovative business proposals and give an elevator pitch to the public. You are cordially invited to vote for the “Best Trade Show” team.

In order to encourage and appreciate your participation of the event, the Career Development Centre of Student Affairs Office and Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship under Institute of Collaborative Innovation of the University of Macau will arrange a lucky draw. Guests can join the lucky draw by showing their ID cards to win coupons valued MOP200 each (20 prizes) after casting a vote. For details, please visit the Trade Show.

Date:12 April 2023 (Wed)

(Elevator pitch starts at 14:45. Students of the University of Macau fully attended the Elevator Pitch will be awarded 1 SMART POINT and 15 “Knowledge Integration”(CS) will be given.)

Location:Multi-functional Room (1001), 1/F, Student Activity Centre (E31), University of Macau


Booth No.:001

Company/Team Name:Smart medical equipment project based on high-frequency electrosurgery integrated surgery system team

Project Name: Smart medical equipment project based on high-frequency electrosurgery integrated surgery system

Brief Introduction:

The team has conducted research on the effects of electrobiology and has developed the first intelligent medical device that integrates many surgical instruments with high-frequency currents into one, enabling the effective application of fast and efficient cutting, safe and reliable coagulation during surgery, thus enabling doctors to greatly improve the efficiency of surgery and reducing the burden of hospital management.


Booth No.:002

Company/Team Name: MetaFin Macau Tech

Project Name: Macau Metaverse Financial Products Trading Platform

Brief Introduction:

MetaFin Macau Tech provides metaverse financial product trading platform for individuals and institutions, and collects platform usage fee and management fee as the main revenue model. The main technology integrates metaverse, blockchain and digital finance, which can be divided into virtual environment construction and cross-chain data communication. Among them, the cross-chain data interaction technology with double-chain structure is the first in the industry, and virtual reality technology has also been deeply studied.


Booth No.:003

Company/Team Name: Relieve Rheumatoid Arthritis

Project Name: Reactive oxygen species and nitric oxide scavenging nanoparticles alleviating rheumatoid arthritis through adjusting the seeds and growing soils

**This project submitted a withdrawal request

Brief Introduction:

Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) gradually damages the joint function of patients and eventually leads to disability, which significantly reduces the quality of life of patients. The excessive production of reactive oxygen species and reactive nitrogen species is an important symbol of RA. Therefore, we developed active oxygen and nitric oxide dual-response micelles to deliver the active ingredient of anti-inflammatory traditional Chinese medicine notopterol. The combined micellar carrier material not only down-regulates active oxygen/active nitrogen, but also inhibits RA through multiple channels and multiple targets.


Booth No.:004

Company/Team Name: SEM

Project Name: Low carbon intelligent indoor management system

Brief Introduction:

Our team has developed a low-carbon smart indoor management system that caters to a variety of users, including ordinary residents and aggregate merchants. The system is in line with the national “Dual Carbon” initiative and aims to improve the flexibility of the new power system while promoting the large-scale adoption of renewable energy sources. It offers both low-carbon and economic benefits, enabling energy conservation and emissions reduction.


Booth No.:005

Company/Team Name: Touch scientific and technical corporation

Project Name: Touch intelligent blind learning machine

**This project submitted a withdrawal request

Brief Introduction:

There are a large number of blind people in China, but paper books and blind teachers are difficult to recruit, leading to difficulties in learning and employment for the visually impaired. “Touch” is an interactive reading assistance tool that integrates sight, listening, and touch. It has the advantages of high reliability, high cost performance, and portability to help visually impaired people read, learn and obtain information.


Booth No.:006

Company/Team Name: Jiashi Technology

Project Name:A cross-border “health insurance + health services” insurance product technology service platform based on blockchain

Brief Introduction:

This project aims to respond to the trend of digital transformation in the insurance industry. Based on technologies such as privacy computing and blockchain, we have established a technology service platform to provide a set of secure, efficient and low-cost solutions for insurance companies to carry out cross-border medical insurance business in the context of the integration construction of the Greater Bay Area.


Booth No.:007

Company/Team Name: MUST-AI

Project Name: Vision grid – leader of general machine vision quality inspection scheme

Brief Introduction:

The global industrial quality inspection market has exceeded US $10 billion, but the core technology is mastered by foreign enterprises. The team has made a series of technical breakthroughs and application innovations:

  1. Integration of industrial “quality” inspection;
  2. Low labor and high efficiency sample labeling technology;
  3. It is applicable to all kinds of scenes, and can be seen and checked;
  4. A diversified intellectual property chain has been built. At present, there are many application cases.


Booth No.:008

Company/Team Name:RHYTHM

Project Name: RHYTHM- A Blockchain-based Digital Payment Protocol

Brief Introduction:

The demand for managing cross-border fund settlement has greatly expanded as a result of Macao’s growing ties to international business. We launched a blockchain-based remittance model to replace traditional wire transfers. By implementing the DTS strategy, instant and sustainable remittance services can be provided. Using our model can significantly enhance customer experience and stickiness.


Booth No.:009

Company/Team Name: Perilla

Project Name: Perilla Oil-in-Water Nanoemulsion

Brief Introduction:

Based on the development strategy of traditional Chinese medicine in Hong Kong and Macao, the team loads traditional Chinese medicine into the nanoemulsion system, and is committed to creating a new external preparation combining traditional Chinese medicine and nanoemulsion. The team uses zan to prevent and treat bad skin conditions. Research data shows that the application of nanoemulsion technology has the advantages of significantly increasing the absorption of drugs by the affected area.


Booth No.:010

Company/Team Name: Macau Fortune Design

Project Name: Macau Structural Product Design Central Kitchen

Brief Introduction:

As the central kitchen of structural products in Macau, Macau Fortune Design aims to provide localized structural products, and has built the entire technical route from hardware to algorithms to visual processing. The company is divided into product design department, risk control and hedging department and market operation department, covering market research, product design, risk hedging, visual integration and other functions. In the future, the product will be deployed on the Metaverse platform.


Booth No.:011

Company/Team Name: GENEBRIGHT

Project Name: “CLEANSCAR” An anti-scar and repair gel that inhibits scar tissue formation essentially

Brief Introduction:

We have developed an anti-scar gel based on sulfated hyaluronic acid with the mechanism of inhibiting growth factors abnormal increase in scar tissue, thereby regulating stromal cells and reducing pigmented scar deposition. We hope that “CLEANSCAR” can take mechanism regulation as the basis and hold tissue remodeling as the purpose to inhibit scar formation essentially and complete the technical innovation of anti-scar gel products.


Team No.:012

Company/Team Name: Hao Qin Smart Investment

Project Name: Hao Qin Smart Investment Platform

Brief Introduction:

Hao Qin Smart Investment Platform leverages AI algorithms to assist traditional wealth management services, providing cost-effective online consulting services for retail investors to make investment decisions according to their needs. During the consultation process, our platform aims at asisting investor to understand investment principles, risk and return, promoting financial literacy and advancing inclusive finance.


Booth No.:013

Company/Team Name: Macau Rating Technology Co., Ltd

Project Name: Macau Rating Technology Co., Ltd

Brief Introduction:

This project is based on the research of the University of Macau’s Fintech team,with a unique financial rating system, combining the external environmental factors of the macro market and the internal factors of the company’s financial statements. From detecting False financial statements (C-SCORE) to the company’s overall credit rating (Z-SCORE) to the overall macro environmental judgment (E-SCORE),provide customers with high-quality bond rating services.


Booth No.:014

Company/Team Name: Papoila

Project Name: Papoila Hydrogel Facial Mask

Brief Introduction:

“Papoila” team upholds the team concept of specialization, refinement, differential and innovation, and has created a Macao-made natural ingredient mask – a carbon nanodot cross-linked pure egg albumin hydrogel facial mask, which not only has the effect of hydration and moisturizing but also can improve the skin quality of sensitive skin and acne-prone skin, such that user can have healthy skin and have a better vision of life.


Booth No.:015

Company/Team Name: BioPeTech (Macau) Limited

Project Name: BioPeTech Eco-friendly BSG cat litter

Brief Introduction:

We use the Brewer’s spent grain by the beer industry as the plant fiber substrate, to develop a natural, environmentally friendly, cat litter product. This improves the defects of current plant cat litter, which are easy to deteriorate, breed bacteria. And provide solutions for the environmental problems caused by a large amount of malt waste in the beer industry. At the same time, it also provides cats with better quality cat litter and reduces the physical harm caused by cat litter.


Booth No.:016

Company/Team Name: Fiber Treasure

Project Name:Fiber Treasure——The Environmental Protection Industry Assistance Project with Three Integrated Core Technologies

Brief Introduction:

In response to the issue of water hyacinth overgrowth in the Long’an area of Nanning, Guangxi, we have utilized the first-ever national innovative technology to extract water hyacinth, modified the fiber to create a degradable and eco-friendly material called “Fiber Treasure,” and established a plant monitoring system based on YOLOV4 algorithm to monitor the growth of water hyacinth. By resolving the environmental issue, we are also helping to achieve China’s carbon peak commitment. Ultimately, we hope to create the “Long’an model” to drive employment and promote rural revitalization.


Booth No.:017

Company/Team Name: Smart grid system based on IoT with permanent magnetic actuator teams

Project Name: Smart grid system based on IoT with permanent magnetic actuator

Brief Introduction:

The team researched and developed the Internet of Things (IoT) technology and the super capacitor smart reactive compensation module of permanent magnet actuator and its application. Through the research of throwing control strategy and synchronous switching technology to improve the contactor throwing method, the team can solve the high voltage reactive compensation technology in the field of power quality, and link up the system through Wi-Fi as the media network of things to establish the integrated green and low carbon smart grid system 2.0 in Macau.


Booth No.:018

Company/Team Name: Huangchao environmental protection technology office

Project Name:Carrying straw sleeve

Brief Introduction:

This product is an innovative environmental protection product for implementing the green development concept in the milk tea industry. Through innovating the straw packaging of milk tea, the straw packaging that was originally taken out and discarded was made into an environmental protection straw sleeve with carrying function. This product can not only save plastic bags for milk tea shops, but also make great contributions to the cause of carbon neutralization.

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