Online Trade Show of 2020 Bank of China Trophy One Million Dollar Macao Regional Entrepreneurship Competition

“2020 Bank of China Trophy One Million Dollar Macao Regional Entrepreneurship Competition” – Round 2 Competition has begun, unlike the previous year, this year the shortlisted teams of Macao Regional Competition will showcase their innovative business plans through online platform. All are invited to vote for the “Best Trade Show” through the website of Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship. In order to encourage and appreciate your participation in the event, the Student Affairs Office and Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship of the University of Macau will arrange a lucky draw. People who voted can join the lucky draw to win coupons valued MOP200 each (25 prizes) after the voting, the prize need to be picked up at the Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship. The Competition of Macao Regional is sponsored by Bank of China Macau Branch.

The posters of the top 18 teams are displayed below. Welcome to review and vote your favorite project teams via the following link. Each is eligible for one entry and up to 2 choices, repeated voting will be considered as invalid and will lose the eligibility to win a prize. The personal data provided by the participants are only for the purpose of notification and verification for this event. 

Link of voting:

Countdown of the voting


Team No.:003

Company/Team Name:Timewheel Innovation Technology Co.,Ltd.

Project Name:Intelligent Sharing Bike

Brief Introduction:

This project is initiated by the 2019 MBA class of the school of Business Administration of the University of Macau, supported by the students of the seven colleges of the University of Macau. The purpose of this project is to establish the first shared bicycle demonstration system in the University of Macau, providing a green, healthy and convenient way for thousands of Umers. At the same time, the project will explore operation and supervision of shared bicycle with new technology and new mode through small scale on-site test in order to solve the last kilometer problem of public transport.


Team No.:004

Company/Team Name:AEROMAX

Project Name:Air quality monitoring system based on AIoT

Brief Introduction:

The modularized air quality monitoring system is deeply integrated with the internet of things, artificial intelligence and big data technologies, making it highly reliable, super-cheap and ultra-portable. It can be used for the government to deploy the smart air-pollution monitoring networks and provide the public with accurate indoor air quality detection.


Team No.:007

Company/Team Name:Smarmac Technology

Project Name:Wireless charging system for electric vehicle

Brief Introduction:

The team is working on the research related to a static non-contact electric vehicle charging system with excellent compatibility and high charging efficiency, which is suitable for a variety of models and application scenarios like airport and even highway. Meanwhile we also plan to achieve dynamic wireless power charging. Our final objective is to upgrade the charging configuration of electric vehicles and widely promote wireless power system for electric vehicle.


Team No.:008

Company/Team Name:Liangyan

Project Name:You Say

Brief Introduction:

At present, the development of the online Q & A industry in China is good, but there are some problems in the Q & A platform. Therefore, we are committed to building a professional business knowledge Q & A platform – good words. As a question answering platform, we are committed to lean and professional. Our external environment is based on the current information age, knowledge and information show explosive development, and people’s reserve knowledge is increasingly unable to meet the needs of social and working information. With the continuous penetration of the mobile Internet, the way of people access to information has changed significantly. The main information  channels have changed from books and PC to mobile terminals. The pain point we need to solve is the lack of content. We are committed to improving the specialization of Q & A and extending the service chain.


Team No.:009

Company/Team Name:Macao Electric Vehicle Development Team

Project Name:The self-service rental platform of new energy vehicle

Brief Introduction:

Through the self-service rental platform of new energy vehicles, it is expected to control the exhaust emission of vehicles, optimize the experience of green mobility, and fully promote the new energy vehicle in Macao in order to enhance the popularity. Achieve the long-term goals of “Low-carbon development in Macao, Co-create the green mobility ” in terms of three different levels: environment, economic and technology.


Team No.:010

Company/Team Name:Whair Green Technology Limited

Project Name:Smart Recycling Bin

Brief Introduction:

The problems of waste disposal have affected many large cities around the world, including Macau. “Smart recycling, green empowerment”, through innovative technologies such as artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, and big data analysis, Whair Green Technology Ltd. hopes to empower the public with greater strength and more convenient ways to pursue a more sustainable world.


Team No.:013

Company/Team Name:Weather Classroom (Macau)

Project Name:Weather Classroom (Macau)

Brief Introduction:

Macau Weather Classroom is a combination of education and science, which aims to promote meteorological and environmental science education to the public in an easy and concise way. It also collects data from several teaching sites (mini weather stations), analyzes various meteorological information in the way of big data, and provides reliable environmental data for the government, institutions and citizens.


Team No.:014

Company/Team Name:Cross border integration of new media in fitness industry

Project Name:Cross border integration of new media in fitness industry

Brief Introduction:

Based on Macao’s exhibition activities and cultural, leisure and entertainment positioning, promote fitness culture. Two way interaction between content and public praises will achieve through massive content packages, this new smart gym system will build the first brand of smart gym in Chinese market.


Team No.:015

Company/Team Name:Macau Chashitsu

Project Name:Macau Sparkling Tea Beverage

Brief Introduction:

It’s the first time to make a tea beverage consisting of Pu’er tea and fig leaves a sparkling beverage. The beverage has a rich scent of Pu’er tea accompanying with the wooden fragrance of fig leaves and can cater for modern people’s health and taste needs. A sparkling tea beverage with Macau features shall be presented to the world.


Team No.:020

Company/Team Name:Colorful City

Project Name:SavBot – Skyscrapper Window Cleaning Robot

Brief Introduction:

For a long time, cleaning high-rise buildings’ window has been completed manually by manpower. The efficiency and huge risks underneath this industry have caused numerous pain points. With the development of technology over the time, more and more high-risk jobs are being replaced by robots. Its super high efficiency and low cost have received countless favors. However, the high rise building external surface cleaning industry has been relying on traditional methods of operation. In order to solve the above pain points, we have developed a robot dedicated to the cleaning work of high-rise curtain walls. This is an AI-based bionic glass curtain wall cleaning robot. Use it instead of Spider-Man for aerial work. Let “high risk + low efficiency” become “security + intelligence + high efficiency”.


Team No.:023

Company/Team Name:Macau Informed Biomedicine Limited Company

Project Name:Crispr-Cas9 edited CAR T cell anti-tumor technology

Brief Introduction:

CAR T cells are a revolutionary technology in the treatment of tumors. We have developed a new technology to enhance CAR T cells in the treatment of tumors using CRISPR-Cas9 gene editing technology, and we will establish a corresponding service platform to license the technology to hospitals and medical places in need.


Team No.:025

Company/Team Name:ARM

Project Name:”Autohub Ai He” – programmable modular AR intelligent robot

Brief Introduction:

“Autohub Ai He” – programmable modular AR intelligent robot is a product with the function of education and entertainment, featuring AR games and STEM philosophy. Technically, it is based on the extensibility mobile framework, with Raspberry Pi as the core. Firstly, by making graphical programming as the development tool, users in different ages can learn the basic programming logic and create their own robot. Secondly, it takes AR games to replace traditional monotonous remote-control games. Thirdly, it reserves a variety of hardware interfaces and fixed location so users can fully expand the function. Additionally, the product provides corresponding supporting community services.


Team No.:029

Company/Team Name:An information database for enterprises based on natural language processing

Project Name:An information database for enterprises based on natural language processing

Brief Introduction:

This project is a platform of intelligent semantic analysis and text visualization based on NLP technology. We independently develop high-precise model based on Bert, quickly and accurately structuralize unstructured text, establish knowledge map, and facilitate user’s information finding and using.


Team No.:030

Company/Team Name:Faraday Technology Energy Co., Ltd.

Project Name:Zinc Air battery

Brief Introduction:

Faraday Technology Energy Co., Ltd. is a high-tech startup specializing in new material development and product design. Based on the research and development platform of the University of Macau, we developed a new type of energy storage equipment sodium-air battery, and successfully prepared sodium-air electrode material using unique battery electrode material preparation technology, which can be very good in sodium-air battery use. Using our unique technology, we have successfully prepared a catalyst with high catalytic performance and low cost. It is better than general commercial catalysts. In addition, through years of experimental accumulation, the key technologies of sodium-air battery have been completely developed.


Team No.:035

Company/Team Name:2048(MACAU)Limited

Project Name:Funny Eye Brewing

Brief Introduction:

We emphasis in the fusion of the traditional craft beer brewing technique and the oriental tea culture to develop new craft beer belonging to Macau. Through laboratory based molecular extraction-separation technology, we create new craft beers with varieties of exciting tea flavors and aromas.


Team No.:036

Company/Team Name:LeadTech Technology (Macau) Co., Ltd.

Project Name: One-Step City 

Brief Introduction:

Guiding tourists and leading future. To keep pace with the development of smart cities, our team aims to launch an innovative smart identification system to provide real-time destination classification information. Our design of the networked column type identification system based on mechatronics.


Team No.:021

Company/Team Name:iEDU

Project Name: Smart Tech

This project submitted a withdrawal request.


Team No.:034

Company/Team Name:Health Mate

Project Name: AV shunt monitor

This project submitted a withdrawal request.

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