“Blockchain Technology – The Cornerstone of Trust in the Age of Nomocracy” Successfully Organized and Event Highlights

Xiao Jiang, the Associate Professor at the School of Computer Science at Huazhong University of Science and Technology, gave a keynote speech on “Blockchain Technology – The Cornerstone of Trust in the Age of Nomocracy” at 2:30 pm on the 14th of this month in the lecture room of the Centre. Prof. Xiao traced the historical process and definition characteristics of the birth of the blockchain. Combined with typical cases, the development status and subversive impact of blockchain in various application areas are presented. It is also focused on analyzing the impacts and changes on the existing rule of law, and launching the constructive reflection on the future era of the rule of law.

In the talk, Prof. Xiao put forward some points – in the era of increased data privacy incidents, the rational use of blockchain can help build trust. Trust characteristics include non-monopoly, ownership of private data, and multi-party cooperation.

She raised a question about the relationship between bitcoin and the blockchain and led the classmates to a heated discussion. Prof. Xiao answered questions from participants, including how to combine blockchain technology with legalization; how to protect people’s privacy while using blockchain.

In the end, she encouraged young people to find a point of convergence between technology and application; explore marginal computing and leverage their respective advantages with the blockchain.

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