[External activity] Chun Wo Innovation Student Awards 2020 ( Deadline: 30/04/2020)

Chun Wo Innovation Student Awards 2020

CWISA 2020: Smart City

Technology has become closely intertwined into the many facets of our daily lives. Integrating the digital experience on a larger scale to the community can bring tremendous benefits. Technology can enhance the city’s decision-making abilities as well as further anchor a city’s reputation as a robust and business-friendly environment, making it appealing not only to locals and tourists but also to global businesses and talents.

Leveraging the power of technology, participants of the Chun Wo Innovation Student Awards (“CWISA”, or “Awards”) can creatively provide solutions to the livelihood of many. Reducing energy consumption, smart traffic control, and flexible street lighting are a few of the many pressing issues that many cities are currently facing.
CWISA will award practical and innovative engineering solutions to build a smart city – one that is sustainable, integrated, and livable.

Important Dates


  • The Award is open to all full-time undergraduate and post-graduate students from any of the tertiary education institutions in Hong Kong and the Greater Bay Area (GBA)
  • Students are encouraged to form groups with a maximum of 8 members (at least one student studying in engineering related faculties) , and
  • Students are welcome to submit any additional supplementary materials (e.g. video) or exceed the recommended page count, but the jury panel will focus on the quality over quantity.

Students are welcome to contact Chun Wo for finding suitable teammates to join the Awards.
Application Form Submission
Each team is required to submit an Application Form online, by fax or email on or before 30 April 2020 to confirm interest.
Online Submission
Proposal Submission
Each team has to submit a proposal with the following format:

  • Proposal Guideline;
  • Recommended maximum 12 pages of written documentation in English;
  • With multi-media illustrations (including video) if necessary

All proposals shall be submitted in PDF format in online platform by HKT 23:59 on 1 September 2020.
First Screening and Final Presentation
Shortlisted teams will receive an e-mail invitation in mid of October to the final presentation on late November 2020. Each team is entitled to get a maximum amount of HK$ 8,000 (to be reimbursed for actual expenses with receipt) to modify their proposals before having the 20-minute presentation with jury panels.
Award Presentation Ceremony
Winners will be announced at the Award Presentation Ceremony in late November 2020.

Enquiry/ Contact
FB: Chun Wo ISA 俊和學生創新獎
IG: chunwo_isa
Tel:+852 3159 2954 / +852 3159 2907
Email:vincent.tam@creativegp.com / leon.lui@creativegp.com

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