Former Google CTO gives talk on innovation and entrepreneurship at UM

The University of Macau (UM) Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship recently held a talk titled ‘How Can Technology Innovation Drive the Youth to Start Their Businesses?’ Aglaia Kong, an outstanding engineer and former chief technology officer (CTO) of Google, was the keynote speaker. During the talk, Kong shared her entrepreneurial experience and encouraged the audience to put their creative ideas into action.

Kong talked about the transition of her role from a company senior executive to an entrepreneur. According to her, entrepreneurs must not be afraid to put their creative ideas into action in order to find out what they are capable of doing and how far they are from turning their ideas into reality.

Aglaia Kong is currently the chief executive officer (CEO) and CTO of ExaLeap Technology. She has been involved in research and development in the areas of security, storage, networking, and virtualisation for many years.

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