Venture Capital Day for Medical and Health Sciences

Venture Capital Day for Medical and Health Sciences


Chinese medicine and health are two key sectors on the industrial development agenda of Macao. The University of Macau, with its State Key Laboratory of Quality Research in Chinese Medicine affiliated to the Institute of Chinese Medical Sciences and Faculty of Health Sciences, has tremendous research strength in these two areas. Seeking new ways to commercialise the medical research results of the university that can boost the development of the local medical industry makes a significant factor for the pluralisation of Macao’s economy. Hence the Centre for Innovation plans to integrate the quality resources and work with the Institute of Chinese Medical Sciences and the Faculty of Health Sciences in accelerating the conversion of medicine and health-related research results, so as to build up a strong platform for the technological marketisation and capital operation of research results.


In recent years, the Macao SAR government has put great efforts in promoting the development of Chinese medicine and health industries with considerable investment of resources. In light of the fact that the awarded teams in the 2017 One Million Dollar Entrepreneurship Competition were all related to the field of medical and health sciences, the Centre hopes to facilitate the conversion of research outcomes of higher education institutions by studying the relevant cases, funding and policies. Therefore, a specific forum is to be arranged where teachers and students of the Faculty of Health Sciences (FHS) and the Institute of Chinese Medical Sciences (ICMS) are allowed to exchange ideas with venture capitalists. Through this forum, FSH and ICMS can have direct communication with private foundations as well as other venture capitalists, contact with the capital market and raise funds for projects of significant commercial values. It will be an opportunity for technological outcomes with commercial potentials to be transferred into seed projects. Meanwhile, it will contribute to the establishment of the Research-Academia-Commercialisation mechanism and the nurture of innovative and entrepreneurial talents in technology transfer.



31/10/2017 (Tuesday)

9:30 am – 8:30 pm

University of Macau

Please contact the Centre for details if interested:

        • Ms. Lily Huang     (email:, ext: 2680)
        • Mr. Gabriel Chan  (email:, ext: 2929)



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