Recruitment of Innovation Ambassador


In order to support and promote innovation atmosphere on campus, the Centre for Innovation tries to recruit “Innovation Ambassadors” from students of all faculties for the first time. On one hand, the innovation ambassadors will team up with the incubation projects to jointly develop the projects. On the other hand, the ambassador will become the student representatives of the Centre for external promotion activities regarding innovation and entrepreneurship. 


UM students in UM (priority will be given to postgraduate students and those with entrepreneurial intention)


About 20


♦ The innovation ambassadors, who are mainly postgraduate students, will be paired up with the incubation teams to assist them in improving their business concepts, enhance entrepreneurial knowledge and skills, marketing research, etc.

♦ Cooperate with the incubation teams to polish the business proposal and undergo brainstorming. During the process, they will be able to interact with professors of outstanding research backgrounds. They will also expose to new technologies with commercial potential and knowledge related to intellectual property.

♦ The innovation ambassadors are representing the incubation teams to do roadshows and improve their presentation tools (PPT, etc.). Thus to improve the chances of getting investment funds comprehensively. 

♦ The innovation ambassadors will support the promotion of innovation atmosphere on campus, and become publicity ambassadors for related external activities. They will assist in receiving guests of the Centre, such as outside venture capitalists and fund managers.

♦ The innovation ambassadors will assist in the activities, lectures, competitions carried out by the Centre.


Applicants of Innovation Ambassador should enroll and participate in the Innovation Camp in September in order to receive related training. Please refer to the promotion of Innovation Camp. 


Under normal circumstances, the applicants will be mainly assessed through their performance during the innovation camp. The appointment list of innovation ambassadors will be announced by the end of September.

Exclusive Exposure and Opportunities

The appointed Innovation Ambassadors have the exclusive priority for exposure and opportunities such as participating in entrepreneurial-related training, exchange visits, meeting government, funding agencies and guru entrepreneurs.


Online registration


Download and complete the application for and send it to

Registration deadline: 7/9/2018 (Friday)


Recruitment of Innovation Ambassadors



For any inquiry, please contact Mr. Alan Wong or Mr. Gabriel Chan of the Centre for Innovation (tel: 8822 9203 / 8822 4619, email:


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