The lecture “Key Considerations in Early Druggability Evaluation of Chemical Drugs” was successfully held and event highlight

The Institute of Chinese Medical Sciences (ICMS) and the Centre of Innovation and Entrepreneurship under the Institute of Collaborative Innovation (ICI-CIE) invited Dr. Ming LI, CEO of ZSHK Laboratories Limited, to deliver a lecture on “Key Factors in Early Drug Evaluation for Chemical Drugs” at the University of Macau.

During the lecture, Dr. Li analyzed in depth the challenges faced in the drug development process, particularly in the early evaluation of druggability. He proposed many key factors, including patient selection, biomarkers, and therapeutic efficacy indicators, and discussed how to address these challenges to improve the success rate of drug development. Dr. Li’s speech aroused great interest and attention from the audience, who exchanged many questions and suggestions related to drug development, and had in-depth discussions with the audience, bringing more interaction and enthusiasm to the scene.

This lecture mainly provides a platform for mutual learning and communication for relevant personnel in the field of drug development. The following guests attended the lecture: Chan Chou Weng, acting head of the Technology Department of the Economic and Technological Development Bureau; Xu Jian, vice rector of UM; Chen Xin, director of ICMS; Hu Yuan Jia, professor of ICMS and the host of this lecture. ICI-CIE will continue to provide more expert consulting services and industry connections for start-up projects related to biomedicine and medical devices.

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