Trade Show of 2021 Bank of China Trophy One Million Dollar Macao Regional Entrepreneurship Competition

“2021 Bank of China Trophy One Million Dollar Macao Regional Entrepreneurship Competition” – Round 2 Competition has begun. Shortlisted teams of Macao Regional Competition will showcase their innovative business proposals and give an elevator pitch to the public. You are cordially invited to vote for the “Best Trade Show” team.

In order to encourage and appreciate your participation of the event, the Career Development Centre of Student Affairs Office and Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship under Institute of Collaborative Innovation of the University of Macau will arrange a lucky draw. Guests can join the lucky draw by showing their ID cards to win coupons valued MOP200 each (20 prizes) after casting a vote. For details, please visit the Trade Show.

Date:21 April 2021 (Wed)
Time:14:00-18:00 (Elevator pitch starts at 14:45. Students of the University of Macau fully attended the Elevator Pitch will be awarded 1 SMART POINT and 40 “Citizenship with Global Perspectives” (CS) will be given.)
Location:Multi-functional Room (1001), 1/F, Student Activity Centre (E31), University of Macau


Booth No.:001

Company/Team Name: Fit me team

Project Name: “Rivers and Lakes”, a kung-fu themed fitness mobile game

Brief Introduction:

“Rivers and Lakes” is an RPG mobile game with Kungfu as the background and fitness teaching as the purpose. AI technology is used to detect the standard degree of movement and correct the movements timely. The theme of Kungfu is used as the game background to carry out scientific fitness and spread health awareness and traditional Chinese culture through Kungfu in the background of mobile game.


Booth No.:002

Company/Team Name: Global Share R&D Centre for Industrialization of Semiconductor-Based Low Carbon & Environmental-Protection Civilian Products in Macao

Project Name: Product Development of Semiconductor-Based High Efficiency Dehumidifier

Brief Introduction:

In the fields of dehumidification and mildew prevention, we provide a new condensation technology with semiconductors. We invented a novel utility design of high-efficiency dehumidification technology. This changes our traditional storage methods and provides a scientific and healthy way for the storage of articles and flavor ingredients, effectively inhibiting the growth of mold and the breeding of mites.


Booth No.:003

Company/Team Name: Macau Smart Medical Equipment Smart Smoke Evacuator 

Project Name: Macau Smart Medical Equipment Smart Smoke Evacuator

Brief Introduction:

The Grade hospitals in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area have about 200,000-300,000 surgical operations each year, and laparoscopic operations account for more than 50%-60%. This smart medical device can purify the operating space and maintain a stable operating environment during abdominal surgery. , Absorb and filter the smoke generated by the electric knife and the water vapor generated by the ultrasonic knife and other surgical wastes, which is the original creation in the market.


Booth No.:004

Company/Team Name: Fuxian Biotech Co., Ltd

Project Name: Heparin Extracted From Animal Viscera

Brief Introduction:

Our team includes returnees from world-renowned universities, scientific research and technical talents, and medical professionals. Under the background of epidemic, in the heparin market, we provide primary drugs and raw materials to the pharmaceutical industry. It is estimated that the first year will be 180 million yuan in revenue and 15 million yuan in investment. Compared with other biotechnology companies, it has a stable supply of raw materials, R&A, and AI technological advantages.


Booth No.:005

Company/Team Name: Boyan Intelligence Technology

Project Name: Common Vision Solution of Industrial Automation Quality Inspection 

Brief Introduction:

Our project proposes a general vision solution for quality inspection in industrial automation. By providing one-stop services, including image annotation, model search and training, software and hardware deployment, we can achieve defect detection, size measurement and object location of industrial products, and give intelligence to industrial manufacture.


Booth No.:006

Company/Team Name: Pointer Macau LTD

Project Name: Smart travel experience and smart business management system

Brief Introduction:

The idea of Pointer Macau ltd is to use internet, IOT technologies, new retail concept and travel big data analysis which provide comprehensive travel experience service and smart store management system. we use originality personalized filter technology to push tourism hotpots and information. We provide a full range of package-style services to passengers or citizens and store smart management solutions to merchants.


Booth No.:007

Company/Team Name: HUDIE

Project Name: Yidiantong–a sales decision aid product based on deep learning

Brief Introduction:

Heart to heart: assist the shopping guide to provide personalized, precise shopping guide service.

Billion: relying on the specific consumers’ shopping and viewing history. Federated Learning improves the efficiency of deep learning and reduces service costs.

Shops: stores or commercial complexes of a certain scale that can be used to complete intelligent transformation.

Connect: cross different stores to connect information, break the information island.


Booth No.:008

Company/Team Name: AoZhiJiJi Technology 

Project Name: XinDong talent credit evaluation database 

Brief Introduction:

AoZhiJiJi Technology based on the self-developed “XinDong talent credit evaluation database”, the advanced Internet technology and innovative business model and the human resource integration, build XinDong AI interviewer, XinDong AI the brain, XinDong block chain. It is committed to AI intelligence collection and processing of data, big data matching and analysis of data, and blockchain protection of data.


Booth No.:009

Company/Team Name: Aozhonglingchuang

Project Name: Ganoderma Spore Powder Production and Processing Projects

Brief Introduction:

The company produces high-quality Ganoderma lucidum products by using modern technology to break the spore of Ganoderma lucidum. The market field is focusing on tumor-assisted immunotherapy, rehabilitation, and big health. The vision of the company is to make contributions to Ganoderma lucidum’s modernization and internationalization.


Booth No.:010

Company/Team Name: 3Decor

Project Name: 3D Interior Design and Artificial Intelligence Decoration Service Platform

Brief Introduction:

Our entry is 3D interior design and decoration service platform. Buying furniture but worrying about the size may not be suitable? Suitable in size but does not match in style? Finding differences with the expected decoration? We can help you to make a plan easily and achieve your planning by artificial intelligence.


Booth No.:011

Company/Team Name: Medical Cloud Intelligent Clinical Devices Team

Project Name: Intelligent and safe clinical information infusion pump

Brief Introduction:

This product is an infusion device that reduces manual work and provides accurate clinical medication data. It is safer, more efficient and less costly than conventional ones. It should be used for general clinical, ADR detection, and emergency medical events. Based on the professional background of our team, we aim to serve the front-line medical personnel and help the diversified development of Macau industry.


Team No.:012

Company/Team Name: BrainLightning

Project Name: Array Brain Temperature Monitor 

Brief Introduction:

Stroke is by far the leading cause of death in China, with only a 4.5-hour window for thrombolytic therapy for ischemic stroke. Our project provides a late-model ultra-early stroke diagnostic device and screening service, aiming to build a series of multi-modal stroke screening products and services to improve the cure rate of acute ischemic stroke.


Booth No.:013

Company/Team Name: Homing Bird

Project Name: Homing Bird-Tissue Engineering Edible Bird Nest

Brief Introduction:

The edible bird nest (EBN) is cultivated with 3D printing – tissue engineering biotechnology. Excellent hydrogel materials build the scaffold of EBN, and tissue engineering cells cultured in vitro secrets EBN bioactive substances. This product is effective and specific in attracting, enriching, and protecting bioactive factors, ecological environmentally friendly, free of impurities and heavy metals.


Booth No.:014

Company/Team Name: Hangzhou Hangyi Biological Technology Co., Ltd.

Project Name: Hand exoskeleton for stroke rehabilitation based on brain-computer interface

Brief Introduction:

This project is an active hand exoskeleton rehabilitation robot for the rehabilitation needs of stroke patients. Based on machine learning EEG recognition technology and the principle of “central + peripheral nerve intervention”, it is used for rehabilitation training of patients with hemiplegia after cerebral hemorrhage and cerebral infarction.


Booth No.:015

Company/Team Name: SafeHeart Tech

Project Name: SafeHeart Toothbrush

Brief Introduction:

SafeHeart Toothbrush is a smart toothbrush that monitors blood sugar levels in saliva in real-time. Users can simply complete a non-invasive blood sugar level detection when brushing their teeth in the morning and evening. Then the data are sent to the cloud and visualized on APP.  The project hopes to let the blood sugar detection can be non-invasively embedded in daily life, providing everyone a highly medically valuable blood glucose data.


Booth No.:016

Company/Team Name: CeCe

Project Name: Fast Fast fashion brand CeCe–to create the self-serivce clothing physical store

Brief Introduction:

To establish my country’s independent global fast fashion service brand, the company combined cutting-edge technology to create the fast fashion brand, focusing on solving the problems of customers’ difficulty in finding numbers for fittings, poor shopping visual experience, and delayed delivery of internal brand information. Self-service and information-based fast fashion offline physical stores.


Booth No.:017

Company/Team Name: RJC AND CO BIOTECH LTD.

Project Name: Anti-aging oxygenation microneedle patch based on marine microalgae

Brief Introduction:

Light pollution around us will accelerate the skin aging and cause a variety of skin problems. Here we develop an oxygen microneedle to combat skin photoaging. Microalgae and ginsenoside whitening ingredients are delivered into the deep layer of the skin via a painless and minimally invasive technology to generate oxygen, promote collagen production, reduce pigmentation and make the skin rejuvenate.


Booth No.:018

Company/Team Name: XieDian Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd 

Project Name:-

This project submitted a withdrawal request.

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