Mobile APP Training Camp 2018

To support the “Smart City” master plan of the Macao SAR to develop Macao a smart city characterized by data-driven technology and artificial intelligence for improving residents’ quality of life, the University of Macau (UM) has started the project of “Smart Campus”. As such, UM will use various advanced technologies, including cloud computing, virtualization, and internet of things, to connect the teaching, research, management, security, and dining systems to campus resources and application systems. Smart Phone is now the most frequently used electronic device. Therefore, mobile phone-based applications are becoming one of the new opportunities for realizing smart campus.

To promote the understanding of the development and application of information technology to UM students from different majors, and to assist them to implement their “Smart Campus” ideas by developing mobile applications, the Centre for Innovation is organizing a Mobile APP Training Camp in October. Students are encouraged to actively learn and utilize information technology, and to have an in-depth thinking of IT in application to different majors of study. Combining with the APP development knowledge from the training camp, students are stimulated to design innovative projects related to “Smart Campus”. Hoping to nurture innovative talents through this way, as well as to generate the leaders in the creation of a smart city in Macao.


Date:6 & 13 October (Saturday, Morning and Afternoon)
Time:9:30 – 13:00 and 14:30 – 18:00
Total hours:14hours
Quota:About 45 students
  • UM student (PG and UG) who is interested in Mobile APP
  • Priority to students with programming knowledge

Free of charge (MOP200 deposit)


The computer room of University of Macau

Medium of Instruction:English
Deadline of Application:21 September 2018
Announcement of Admission:26 September 2018

Participants with attendance reaching 75% and completing the training requirements will be awarded a certificate issued by the Institute of Collaborative Innovation.


The deposit should be paid at the Centre for Innovation (N1- 1001) within 3 days upon admission notification. Otherwise, the quota should be deemed given up. The deposit will be fully refunded to students with attendance reaching 75%.

Application:1. Online application
2. Download and completed the application form and email to


Dr. Tony Sam, assistant professor of business information systems, Faculty of Business Administration. Dr. Sam has more than 10 years teaching and research experience in business information systems, computer language, web mining, and user interface of information & communication systems.

Course Content( Tentative)

Lesson 1

(6 Oct Morning)

  • Installation of android application development platform and running a simple demo
  • Basic android programming concepts
  • Basic object-oriented concepts, event-driven programming in Java Language and XML

Lesson 2

(6 Oct Afternoon)

  • Activity concepts and applications
  • Layout screen design

Lesson 3
(13 Oct Morning)

  • Commonly-used form elements in android apps
  • Running android apps on real device

Lesson 4
(13 Oct Afternoon

  • Using Intent to transit from page to page
  • More about graphical user interface
  • A business example


Online application

or  Download and completed the application form and email to

Deadline of Application: 21 September 2018( Friday)

Mobile APP Training Camp


For any inquiry, please contact Mr. Gabriel Chan or Mr. Alan Wong of the Centre for Innovation (tel: 8822 4619 / 8822 9203, email:


Admission List


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