The Comic series of Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship 【創出新天 – Episode 3】

ETERNAL STORY, LTD. is an incubation team of the University of Macau’s Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

The following comic series, 「創出新天」 , was created by ETERNAL STORY, LTD., originally. ETERNAL STORY, LTD. was established in 2021. It is a multi-faceted firm in the cultural and creative industry, aims to promote Macau local culture. Business of whom covers the field in creating literary fiction, painting original comics, producing film and television, selling peripheral product and incubating IP. “Story Never Die Studio” aims to fully explore and develop the possibility of Macau creative market and insists on speaking with fascinating Macau local story.

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On the day of the innovation camp, Xin and his team assigned to accomplish a project proposal within two days. They put in all their effort for two days and have done a good job on their first proposal. Finally, Xin and his teammates understand the importance of cooperating with each other.

Abstract (Episode 3): Xin and his team successfully settled into Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship following the innovation camp. They decided to promote their team’s project by participating in an entrepreneurial competition. In order to win the competition, Xin and his teammates attended various entrepreneurship lectures and courses offered by the centre. They had face-to-face discussions with their tutors in Financial Planning and Tax Training Course classes, and they exchanged ideas with peers in entrepreneurial experience sharing sessions. Despite the epidemic, they attended online Law Foundation for Innovation and Entrepreneurial in Guangdong and Macao classes. Xin and his team were not only given intellectual support at the Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, but they were also gained important advice from other successful entrepreneurs. After all of their effort and assistance, Xin and his team were able to impress the judges on the day of the competition.

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Created by:Story Never Die Studio

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