Entrepreneurship Training Workshop & Mentor Meeting-Up of “2019 Bank of China Trophy – One Million Dollar Macao Regional Entrepreneurship Competition” Successfully Held

Entrepreneurship Training Workshop & Mentor Meeting-Up 

of “2019 Bank of China Trophy – One Million Dollar Macao Regional Entrepreneurship Competition” Successfully Held

The Entrepreneurship Training Workshop & Mentor Meeting-Up of “Bank of China Trophy-One Million Dollar Macao Regional Entrepreneurship Competition” was successfully held at the multifunction hall of the Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship in the afternoon of March 20th. To start with, Prof. Jerome Yen, Interim Director of Institute of Collaborative Innovation, provided elaborative guidance on the preparation of a sound business plan, and instructed the shortlisted teams of the indispensable elements and the key items that should be addressed in business presentation and elevator pitch.

After that, six mentors, with respective expertise in traditional Chinese medicine, law, investment, computer science, etc., shared their experience and insights on innovation and entrepreneurship with the teams. The sharing of the six mentors is introduced as below:


Mr. Tao Jun, partner of Chinese Medicine Innovation Node Investment Fund, delivered a speech featuring “Single-mindedness: Deployment and Follow the Trend”. He analyzed the three key factors for entrepreneurial success, which require entrepreneurs to stay confident and undistracted, plan wisely, and follow the trend. In doing so, they are more likely to embrace entrepreneurial success. In addition, Mr. Tao also illustrated the essential aspects from the perspective of investment fund that should be considered and analyzed concerning whether an innovative business and start-up is worthy of investment.  

Dr. Shao Hongyu, Director of Innovation Research Institute of Kaisa Technology Co., Ltd. in Shenzhen, shared his personal entrepreneurial experience. By unfolding a couple of intriguing stories originated from his personal experiences, he propelled the participants to realize the importance to strike a harmonious coordination between the highly subjective initiative vis-à-vis the objective patterns when dovetailing with the market.

Ms. Zhang Yan, Executive Director of Shenzhen Qianhai NPW Investment Holding Co., Ltd., shed light on several elements that are of greatest significance for entrepreneurial process. She encouraged students to underline equipping themselves with the unique qualities of excellent entrepreneurs, including the positive mindset, the perspective of investment banking, the continuous reinforcement of exclusive technical competence, and the refined design of share-holding structure, and so on.

Mr. Zhang Ao, Deputy General Manager of Great Walle Investment Holding Co., Ltd., contributed a keynote speech on “the Charm of Merger & Acquisitions”. He introduced the general operational model of M&A and gave multiple successful examples, and vividly illustrated the immensely enhanced and reciprocal effects of merger and acquisition in economic activities. In the concluding part of his speech, he dissected the domestic market of M&A funds and its status quo. 

Ms. Wang Liping, Lawyer of Beijing Yingke Law Firm (Shenzhen Branch), delivered a keynote speech themed “Difference in Corporate Control”. During her speech, she focused mainly on introducing the concepts of “Relative Corporate Control Line, Absolute Corporate Control Line and Safety Corporate Control Line”, with professional advice prescribed accordingly.

Mr. Jiang Shaoping, Director of Innovation and Development Department of Shenzhen Research Institute, Sun Yat-Sen University, shared his insights over how innovative and entrepreneurial endeavors could grow vigorously against the backdrop of the full-swing development of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. Furthermore, he brought forth the common problems confronting the entrepreneurial projects organized by college students as well as the weak spots that should be addressed.

Following the sharing sessions, each mentor had a separate tutorial with the teams that have been shortlisted for the next round, in which thorough analyses surrounding the pros and cons of the projects and professional advice regarding the prospective development path were provided.   

All of the top 18 teams expressed that they have benefited enormously from this entrepreneurship training workshop. In particular, the one-on-one tutorial not only developed in them a clearer understanding of the problems in their projects, but also pointed out the problem-solving direction for them.    

According to the competition agenda, based on the training and professional guidance from mentors, the top 18 teams will need to submit the final business proposals and demonstration materials before April 3rd, 2019 for the review and assessment at later stage. 

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