Recruitment of Incubation Teams is now open



Under its vision and mission, UM provides assistance to staff and students in transforming their innovative ideas into reality. The University will provide a supportive platform for innovation and entrepreneurship so that members of UM can establish their businesses and collaborate with the local communities and government in order to bring progress and development to UM and the Macao society, which in turn will enable Macao to become an innovative society. Moreover, the University helps members of the UM community position themselves for the future, cultivating an enthusiastic atmosphere for research and innovation while stimulating industrial development and establishing a novel talent training mechanism.

The UM is recruiting innovatively entrepreneurial teams for intensive incubation at the Centre for Innovation. After committee assessment, the Centre will provide to incubation teams appropriate

advice from entrepreneurial guidance at the initial stage to regular expert consultations. With expectation of visible progress in one year, the Centre may offer incubation teams with temporary office spaces, meeting rooms, and office facilities. The Centre may also provide startup funding up to MOP 500,000 for the selected teams after evaluation and recommendation by the Incubation Team Selection Committee. Moreover, the Centre will assist the teams in seeking external resources for their new businesses.


At least one member of a team must have a connection with the University of Macau. All current students, alumni, and current staff are eligible to apply and at least one Macao permanent resident to form a team up to 5 person.

Incubation Team Selection Criteria
The selection of incubation teams will be conducted by the Incubation Team Selection Committee, which is composed of professionals outside and/or inside UM. Through the business proposal and interview, the Committee evaluates the submission with focuses on creativity, originality, and potential benefits to the society in terms of business and culture. Cross-discipline and cross-faculty innovative ideas are encouraged for applications.

Applicant on behalf a team should fill in the application form and also submit a Business Concept Proposal (maximum 2 pages of A4 paper in Chinese or English). Please submit by email to
First deadline: 31/08/2017
Second deadline: 30/09/2017

Please refer to the below for the application form and other materials and details at the designated webpage of Aplication for Incubation.

For enquiry, please contact Mr. Calvin Vong at tel: 8822 8683 or email: or Mr. Gabriel CHAN at tel: 8822 4619 or email:


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