Meeting of MLEPA and Young Entrepreneurs – Legal Issues Discussion for Incubation Teams of CIE

Meeting of MLEPA and Young Entrepreneurs
Legal Information Sharing for Incubation Teams of CIE

On March 30, the ‘Exchange of Macau Legal Exchange and Promotion Association and Young Entrepreneurs’ was successfully held at Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CIE) of University of Macau. A total of twelve lawyers from Macao Legal Exchange and Promotion Association (MLEPA) had attended the event, including Mr. Vong Keng Hei, the president, Mr. Wong Wai King, the chairman, Ms. Lou I Lam, the treasurer and executive vice president, and other members. The event aimed to disseminate legal knowledge of entrepreneurship and discuss some legal issues that the Centre’s incubation teams or other entrepreneurs may encounter.

The event started with a speech given by Prof. Jerome Yen. Staff from CIE also gave a brief introduction about the center which involved the development of industry-university-research, and the entrepreneurship and innovation in the university. CIE has received the approval to serve as national co-working space. It actively assists the UM’s teachers, students, and alumni in putting their creative ideas into practice, providing a platform for innovation and entrepreneurship. After the introduction, Mr. Vong Keng Hei shared the introduction and development of MLEPA. He also encouraged Macau’s young legal practitioners to collaborate with young people from other fields more often, which can assist the entrepreneurship projects in UM to expand their business from Macau to the GBA.

Following that, staff from CIE had guide a tour for MLEPA, to visit the entrepreneurial environment of CIE and to have a conversation with the incubation teams. Some of the teams delivered presentations for them, which included UTran-i Technology LTD., Barra Creative Technology and Design Limited, Zidian Technology Co., Ltd., 2048 (Macau), Limited, and Macau Chiherbal Health Technology Company Limited. After the tour, members of CIE presented souvenirs and had a photo taken with the members from MLEPA.

The last session of the event was the legal issue discussion. The members from MLEPA had discussed about some specific legal issues for the young entrepreneurs. Topics including GBA regulations, covering intellectual property, company earnings and equity transfer, contract conclusion, and labor relations were shared. At the end of the event, the teams stated that they learned a lot of legal knowledge and a preliminary understanding of the basic legal environment in Macau and GBA.

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